Jay Jackson MRF VP - Appointed to MAC!!! - ABATE of Ohio

Jay Jackson MRF VP – Appointed to MAC!!!

I cannot be more thrilled to hear that my Friend, Mentor, Counsel, and ALL around one of the GREAT GUYs was appointed to the Motorcycle Advisory Council. There is NO ONE better suited to be on this council! S. Hill MRF Ohio Rep

MRF VP Jay Jackson
Appointed To Federal Panel
This week, Jay Jackson, Vice President of the Motorcycle Riders Foundation was appointed to the Motorcyclist Advisory Council (MAC) by U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg. Jay will serve a two-year term on this federal panel.

The MAC was reestablished by Congress with the passage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act in 2021. Yet it has taken nearly two and a half years to select members and begin its work.

The purpose of the MAC is to provide a critical forum for policymakers, roadway engineers, and motorcyclists to discuss how roadway and barrier design, construction and maintenance practices and intelligent transportation systems can better meet the safety needs of the millions of motorcyclists in this country.

The council will provide a report to the Secretary of Transportation on its findings and recommendations.Jay’s extensive history in motorcyclist safety, training and advocacy make him exceptionally qualified for this position. His candidacy was supportedby over 30 state motorcyclist rights organizations, three U.S. Congressmen, a U.S. Senator, the former chair of the MAC and the Speaker of the New Hampshire House of Representatives. The MRF is proud to call Jay one of our own.

We look forward to his work with this important group! To read the official announcement from the U.S. Department of Transportation, click the button below.

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