accomplishments - ABATE of Ohio


Schoolhouse Rock explained how a bill becomes a law in broad terms.  To really appreciate what it takes to get a bill introduced and make it all the way to become a law, Click here to see our page on how a bill becomes a law.  This list of accomplishments is the result of dedicated volunteers who care passionately about the motorcycle way of life.

  • Helmet choice for trained adults.
  • Stakeholder in forming Motorcycle Ohio training program.
  • Legislation creating Veterans and Purple Heart motorcycle license plates.
  • Legislation allowing Handicap motorcycle plates.
  • Reclassified autocycles so they are not counted as motorcycles.
  • Legislation allowing ear protection in both ears when riding on a motorcycle.
  • Helped close loophole that allowed health plans to deny claims for motorcyclists.
  • Legislation increasing handlebar height to shoulder length.
  • Legislation allowing riding two abreast on the road.
  • Legislation allowing two motorcycles to park in one parking spot.
  • Legislation allowing motorcycles to back into a parking spot.
  • Legislation allowing choice of engine in motorcycles.  NEW
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