Who We Are - ABATE of Ohio

Who We Are

Welcome to the heart of our biker community! We are thrilled to introduce you to ABATE of Ohio, a grassroots organization with a rich history of advocating for motorcyclists' rights at the local, state, and federal levels. At ABATE of Ohio, we actively engage with legislative, executive, and judicial bodies, as well as collaborate with private and public groups, all in the mission to preserve the freedom and rights of Ohio motorcyclists.

Our commitment goes beyond the political realm. ABATE of Ohio passionately promotes proper training for the safe operation of motorcycles. We stand firmly behind initiatives such as the Motorcycle Ohio training program, emphasizing the importance of proper licensing and responsible riding for every member of our community.

But it's not all about rules and regulations. We believe in the spirit of camaraderie and the joy of the open road. ABATE of Ohio organizes events that not only raise awareness and funds but also foster friendships among like-minded individuals who share the love of motorcycling. Whether it's creating memories on the road or gathering to share captivating stories, we cherish the moments that make our community special.

ABATE of Ohio, Inc. (American Bikers Aimed Toward Education) is a not-for-profit organization with a dedication to empowering individuals to make their own choices about the motorcycles they ride, the safety gear they wear, and their unique lifestyle. Join us as we ride together, united in preserving rights, enhancing the image, and promoting safe operating practices for Ohio motorcyclists. Here's to the freedom of the open road and the bond that unites us all!

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