What We Do - ABATE of Ohio

What We Do

At ABATE of Ohio, our mission is simple but powerful: we champion the rights of Ohio motorcyclists. As a member-driven organization, we actively engage with government bodies and collaborate with various groups to preserve your freedom on the road.

By joining our passionate community, you not only contribute to a united voice for bikers but also unlock great benefits. Enjoy perks like a complimentary ABATE of Ohio Foundation Raffle Bike Ticket, a $25 reimbursement for completing the Motorcycle Ohio Program, and $3500 accidental death & dismemberment insurance.

Beyond these advantages, our members gain access to a dedicated line to the Ohio Department of Transportation for reporting problem traffic signals. Additionally, we organize rides and events, often in support of charitable causes, creating opportunities for camaraderie and the joy of riding.

Rev up your ride and join the community that's shaping the future of Ohio motorcycling!

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