From the desk of your Safety & education Director - ABATE of Ohio

From the desk of your Safety & education Director

Hello Abate Friends!!!

I want to introduce myself as your new Safety & Education Director for Abate of Ohio.  Most all of you know me by now but I have been involved in Abate of Ohio for over 9 years.  In that time, I’ve met so many wonderful people and have made lifelong friends.  Thank you for that.  For blessing my life with your friendship. 

In all this time I have also been a motorcycle instructor for the Motorcycle Ohio program (BRS – Basic Rider Skills).  That has been a very rewarding experience, as I love to teach people and see them grow.

Back in 1992 I took an MSF course in Florida to attain my endorsement and have never looked back.  I’ve gone thru some motorcycles and a few men!  LOL   But I’ve kept around one guy for almost 27 years, and we have added to our motorcycle collection.  It is a passion that we both share. 

That passion for motorcycles has led me down wonderful paths to all of you.  I am your current Ohio MRF Rep, Region 8 Safety & Ed Officer as well. 

I do believe in safety and education.  Education (taking riding classes) can make you a much safer rider.  Believe me, if you take a class, you will learn something, I guarantee it!!!  Right now, Motorcycle Ohio is registering students for classes beginning April thru October.  They are $75 this year and they provide the bike and helmet if needed.  It is a win/win!!! 

So with all good things some things must come to an end and that is Half Helmets.  Per NHTSA guidelines we (Instructors & Students) can no longer wear “Half Helmets” on the range.  We all must wear ¾ or Full-Face helmets.  No I don’t like it either but there are some things that cannot be changed and this is one of them.

I encourage you to take a class or contact my friend Mike Wiesenbach with ProRider Columbus (814-322-5265) to take an advanced course.  I am going to go out of my comfort zone hopefully this summer and take his class! 

Reach out to your Region Directors as they will have a petition to sign.  We are moving forward with getting Abate of Ohio an Organizational License Plate for Ohio.  We must have 150 original signatures on the petition and then I have to do some more work to get it to the finish line.  Any questions about it ask me or your Region Directors.

It is my privilege to be your new Safety & Ed Director and I will do my best to bring safety information to you or offer you safety tips along the way. 

Ride SAFE – Ride SMART!

Sherry Hill


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