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News from the Motorcycle Memorial Foundation

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According to Tom Bradley, Co-Chairman and Treasurer of the Motorcycle Memorial Foundation in Hopedale, Ohio, some changes have had to be made. Due to the many trifolds spread across the state and beyond, ABATE of Ohio Inc. has offered to help spread the word of these changes.

First; the deadline for submitting applications for bricks and wall engravings has been changed from 6 weeks to a minimum of 10 weeks prior to Memorial Day. This is due to the large number of applications they have been receiving.

Second; prices for bricks and wall engravings are going to be going up. Since the Motorcycle Memorial was first founded, in 1993, the prices have never been raised. With all the monetary increases in every aspect of life, that has been quite an accomplishment. But it has come time to raise the costs to ensure that the memorial will continue to live on.

The foundation will be holding a meeting soon to discuss and implement these monetary changes. Tom has requested that anyone wanting to submit and application, to please contact him at 740-317-3433 for information regarding the price increase

ABATE of Ohio Inc. wants to thank the foundation and all it’s members, current and past, for all their dedication and year around work to keep alive the names and memories of our fallen Brothers and Sisters.

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