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MRF Article for June ’24 Outspoken

May flew by as all the other months and there was a lot going on in May 2024.  Bikers Inside the Beltway was a huge success.  Thanks in part to everyone who participated in going to Washington D.C and meeting with all the members there.  For the 2nd year in a row, ALL 435 members of the House and 100 Senators received an informational packet from the MRF. 

Nearly 200 bikers came to the Capitol that included SMRO’s, NCOC’s, NCOM, and Sustaining Clubs.  The visual of so many motorcyclists uniting for a common cause is a powerful part of the annual event. 

Also, in May NHTSA notified Tesla that the company must provide additional information about a recent software recall and update of the Autopilot feature.  The recall was announced in December of 2023 and was intended to improve Tesla’s driver-engagement systems, which are used to monitor whether drivers are safely operating the vehicle.  Failure by Tesla to respond before the July 1st deadline could result in fines of up to $135 Million.

AMA Spring Bike Night was on May 18th, and I was very appreciative that they invited me to set up my booth and help them celebrate 100 years.  There were a lot of people that showed up and that was great to see.  My friend Mike Weisenbach with Pro Rider Columbus was beside me and Abate of Ohio was across the way.  We all had a very nice time, and it was a HOT one that day.  Congratulations again to the AMA on 100 years of supporting motorcyclists!!!  Thank you!!

I would love to have all of you become MRF members but even if you are not you can go to our website and look at all we have to offer.  Especially the Call-to-Action items.  In early May there was a Call-to-Action Congressional Joint Resolution:

Lawmakers in the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate are again trying to push back on new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rules compelling over half of all new vehicles sold to be electric by 2032. The new bills, H.J. Res 136 and S.J. Res 75 would overturn the rules announced in April by the EPA. 

These bills were introduced with 114 cosponsors in the House of Representatives and 48 in the Senate.  Let’s grow the number of cosponsors and let the people in Washington, D.C. know their constituents want to save the internal combustion engine.

Thru the MRF you can use our Policy Engage to write to your Reps & Senators on this and many other Call to Actions!

Please take the time to follow my MRF page on Facebook, I post all the latest news from the MRF as well as articles I think is pertinent to what is going on in the world today relating to all of us bikers.

I urge you to join the MRF, just call me, email me, text me and we will get you all set up.  It is worth your time and money!!

In closing, the fellow MRF member who was in a motorcycle accident has been home for weeks and is doing great! 

Till July…..

Sherry Hill, Ohio MRF Rep


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