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May is Motorcycle Awareness Month

Support From H. Res. 1179
This week, the leadership of the House Motorcycle Caucus introduced H. Res. 1179, expressing support for the designation of May 2024 as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. The bill is sponsored by Rep. Tim Walberg (MI), Rep. Troy Balderson (OH), Rep. Michael Burgess (TX), Rep. Donald Norcross (NJ), and Rep. Derrick Van Orden (WI).
Across the nation, cities and states are introducing their own versions of motorcycle awareness resolutions and decrees. H. Res. 1179 lists several reasons why May is an important time for motorcycle awareness.  Perhaps the best section of the resolution is this line, “motorcyclists have a right to the road and that all motorists should safely share the roadways.”
Those in the motorcyclist rights movement understand the future of motorcycling is threatened. We thank the lawmakers who took the time to clearly point out that bikers have a right to use our nation’s roadways!
Happy May, Ride Safe and Ride Free
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