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Check your Bike – Check yourself

Hey Everyone, well by now I think we have all gotten lucky enough to take our bike out on a ride. Hopefully a long one instead of a short one. So I have a question: Did you check your bike out before you headed out? Did you check yourself?

So she has been sitting most likely all winter and with a lot of bikes the tires lose some air, did you check your tires for wear and pressure? Remember we only have 2 small patches on a 2 wheel bike and those tires are SUPER important. Bad accidents can happen with too low or too high pressure or a complete tire failure. So treat those rubbers well!

Did you check the fluids in the bike? Did you check all the lights, making sure the brake light and the turn signals function as intended? All the nuts and bolts tight, does the belt look good?

I assume you get the picture by now. I assume you are going to say, Gee that takes a lot of time to do all that, my bike is fine. Well it may be fine but when you get in the groove of checking all these things it will become quicker for you. A few minutes spent checking your bike out can mean saving your life.

Then did you check yourself? Most likely you have not been riding all winter and I don’t care how long you’ve been riding, we get a bit rusty and have to clean the cob webs off! So do yourself a favor and check yourself!

Then when you both are ready, run over to a parking lot and do some quick stops, swerves, U-turns and turns from a stop. Get used to where the friction zone is and how the brakes react.

Now you and your baby are ready to enjoy the open road!

Ride Safe – Ride Smart, from your Safety & Education Director!!

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