ABATE of Ohio, Inc.
(American Bikers Aimed Toward Education)

is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to
preserving the rights, improving the image,
and promoting safe operating practices of
Ohio Motorcyclists.
ABATE of Ohio, Inc.

American Bikers Aimed Towards Education
State Office
Box 23701, Columbus, Ohio 43222
(local)  614-319-3644



ABATE of Ohio,Inc.
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ABATE of Ohio, Inc.
Points Program

    ABATE of Ohio, Inc. issues Points to members in good standing for activities they have been involved in throughtout the year.
    "Rockers" (patches) are awarded in the start of each year for the past years points collected.
    The following list shows activities and points amounts for each.

    Check with your County & Regional officer(s) for more information.
1 Riders with the Highest Yearly Mileage
Top three(3) in each Region, Verified by County or Regional Officer
1 Attending Regional Board Meetings
1 Being A Member of any Other Motorcycle Rights Organization
MRF, AMA, etc,etc. One (1) point each
1 For Attending Region or County Meetings and/or Events
1 For Attending an "Out of Your Region" Function
2 For County Reps and Officers for getting Memberships and/or Renewals
2For each NEW Membership you sign up to ABATE of Ohio,Inc.
3 For attending a State Function, Run, etc,etc.
5 Volunteering to work at an ABATE of Ohio,Inc. Function
5 Being a Licensed Instructor of a Rider Education Course
5 For Voting
5 For being an appointed or elected officer within ABATE of Ohio,Inc.
5 For recieving a reply from an Elected Official You've Written to.
Show reply to County and/or Region Rep
5 For Completing RED CROSS First Aid, CPR
(Must verify completion)
5 For taking a Rider Education Course
(Must PASS Course !!!)
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