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HB 338 Passed out of the House Side (98 Yea - 1 Nae) and now will move to the Senate Side.

(1-12-2022)   HB338 has been or will be submitted, soon,
to the Ohio Senate Transportation Committe.
Please, Contact Members of the Ohio Senate Transportation Committe
about Your opposition of HB338 !!!!

Find a list of Senate Transportation Committe Members Here

ABATE of Ohio, Inc. is asking everyone to contact their Senator in opposition to HB338,
either by phone or email !!
A Sample letter can be downloaded HERE ,
Just fill in YOUR Name and Address and Your SENATORS Name and address.

To find YOUR SENATORS info click "HERE", and just fill in Your full address, below the map.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call me.
Kolman Fuzy, Government Relations Director

HB 338 and Our Comments are still posted . It should be , pretty much, the same wording.
** This is HB338
** This is ABATE of Ohio, Inc.'s stand on HB338.
**   Must have Acrobat Reader to veiw. Download a free version.
Note: Some Browsers have Acrobat Reader built in.

ABATE of Ohio, Inc.
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Elections for Positions in Offices within ABATE of Ohio, Inc. are finished for the 2022/2023 term.
Click HERE for Details.

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ABATE of Ohio, Inc.


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State Seminar !!
Double Tree by Hilton
175 Hutchinson Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43235
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Friday, February 4, 2022 - Meet & Greet Fundraiser
7:00pm in the Hospitality Area.

Saturday, February 5, 2022 - Informational Wookshops & Award Banquet
starts 8:00am     Seminar Starts at 9:00am.

Hotel Reservations - Call (614) 885-3334
$84.00 per night, Group Rate Code: ABATE OF OHIO

Admission: $30.00 or $25.00 with MRO Membership, includes Banquet
$10.00 with out Banquet
Mail Check with filled out Form to:
ABATE of Ohio, Inc., P.O. Box 23701, Columbus, Ohio 43222
Credit Card, call (614) 319-3644 or (419) 654-5446

    Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) have introduced the bipartisan Outdoor Recreation Act (S. 3266) to support and grow recreational opportunities on public land. This act will support outdoor recreation opportunities by directing land managers to assess current recreational trends, thereby improving visitation data, providing assistance to gateway communities that serve visitors, and increasing opportunities for motorized and non-motorized recreation on public lands.

    This act aims to expand opportunities for motorized off-highway vehicle users and will lay the groundwork for the continued growth of outdoor recreation on our nation's public lands.

    Tomorrow, the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources will consider this legislation. Please Tell Your Senators to Support The Outdoor Recreation Act and let them know that you support this piece of legislation.

    Please share this link with other motorcyclists who want to support responsible motorized recreation.

    Help us keep you updated on the issues that matter to you, take our two-question AMA Advocacy Survey.

    American Motorcyclist Association

    13515 Yarmouth Dr., Pickerington, OH 43147
    Email: grassroots@ama-cycle.org

    Phone: (800) AMA-JOIN
    (800) 262-5646
    (614) 856-1900

Chainsaws, Golf Carts, Lawn Mowers... What's Next?
10/11/2021 9:05 PM

    Over the weekend, California Governor Gavin Newson signed a bill into law banning the sale of all off-road, gas-powered engines, including generators, lawn equipment, pressure washers, chainsaws, weed trimmers, and even golf carts. Under the new law, these machines must be zero-emissions, meaning they will have to be either battery-powered or plug-in.

    This law is particularly concerning because of the status California holds within the national economy. The population and market size that California commands often forces manufacturers to react by changing products nationwide, to conform to California standards. Additionally, states with like-minded legislatures often follow with similar laws and regulations of their own.

    The Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) is concerned that this action by California, will begin a cascading effect that will eventually result in the demise of the internal combustion engine and the fuel supply tied to it. During the legislative agenda setting meeting, held at the 2021 Meeting of the Minds, in Atlanta, Georgia this very issue was debated. Working with our state partners, the MRF is currently evaluating how best to address these concerns. The final 2022 MRF Legislative Agenda will be made public in an upcoming American Biker Journal.

    To read more on the bill click here.

From the Chairman of the Board page
Mike Stock
  (10-22-21)         One of the most important events at Meeting of the Minds is the legislative strategy session. Each year, during this session, state motorcycle rights groups develop the federal legislative priorities for the following year. Items are discussed, debated and eventually voted on, with each Sustaining State Motorcyclists’ Rights Organization (SSMRO) having a voice and a vote. Legislative priorities are placed in one of three categories, “High,” “Medium” and “Monitor”. These priorities will serve as a roadmap for the Motorcycle Riders Foundation Washington D.C. team, as we focus on 2022.........( Read more....)
From the Exective Director Page
Ed Shetter
  (5-29-2021)     I am writing this from “Bikers inside the Beltway,” our annual trip to Washington D.C. to remind the people who are here in the U.S. capitol we are here, we vote and will fight for our rights. Washington didn’t look like we are used to seeing it. There was a security fence all the way around the U.S. Capitol Building. NOT a friendly and welcoming sight. But it is getting better. Up until just recently there were fences around the Senate Office Buildings, the House Office Buildings and there were 2 fences around the Capitol Building. I will be a whole lot happier when all the fences are down. Those buildings belong to every American and should be open and accessible as the can safely be.................( Read more....)

From the Legislative Page
Kolman Fuzy
  (11-4-2021)   Here in Ohio, one of the biggest is HB 338, which is a bill to modify motorcycle training in Ohio. If you refer to the front page of the State website, there is an explanation of the bill and Abate's response to it. We are currently in the process of trying to keep this bill from coming out of the Transportation committee. Please contact your Representatives and voice your opposition to this bill. If you have any questions, please contact myself, Ed Schetter or Mike Stock.
    On the Federal level, the usual issues are still out there-the passage of the Transportation Bill (which has been punted again by Congress), the RPM Act, E-15 concerns, autonomous vehicle legislation.................. ( Read more )

Joe Pickens

Tired of sitting on your bike at Red Lights
that won't turn GREEN ????
    To enlist the help of Ohio’s motorcyclists, ODOT set up a special phone number & E-mail for motorcyclists for reporting problem intersections.
    When reports come in, ODOT will notifiy signal owners ( often a city or county ) about the situation and offer recommendations for improvement.
Red Light Hotline
Red Light E-mail

Help Wanted:
E-Mail the
State Office
or call
for details
State Newsletter Editor
Should be experenced in Magazine Publishing and/or Microsoft Publisher software. E-mail the Outspokin' Editor for details
Web Crew Member
Work on ABATE.com and/or Regional web pages.   Should have F.T.P. and HTML experence.   E-mail the State Webmaster for details.


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