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    Attention: If you have not booked your room for the Seminar, please do so sooner rather than later. The deadline has been extended to January 13, 2020 for booking at the Abate rate. Call hotel directly at 614-790-9000 and use code ABA. Room rate for our event is $124/night, including free breakfast and 2 hour social hour in evening. If booking online, use same code.

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ABATE of Ohio Inc.
State Seminar
Information Workshop & Awards Banquet
Embassy Suites / Dublin
5100 Upper Metro Place, Dublin, Ohio 43017
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Friday, January 31 thru Saturday, February 1, 2020
**For Reservations and discount rates:
Contact Embassy Suites - Dublin directly at
(614)790-9006 or 1-800-220-9219 and use the Code ABA
Or follow this link Embassy Suites - Dublin and use the code.
See all the details on the Flier !!!

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As we move into the second half of the 116th Congress, we still have more work to do to advance our 2020 legislative priorities.  With your help, we can make sure that Congress takes steps to help end the unfair profiling of motorcyclists around the country. The Motorcycle Riders Foundation is working with the State Motorcycle Rights Organizations (SMRO), the National Council of Clubs (NCOC), the Motorcycle Profiling Project (MPP) and the National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM) on the passage of H.Res. 255.

Let's keep the momentum going and ask the U.S. House of Representatives to join their colleagues in the U.S. Senate to pass H.Res. 255. If you have answered our previous calls to action over the past year on motorcyclist profiling, please make sure you click the take action button for our updated profiling engagement!  We currently have over 125 bipartisan cosponsors and we would like to increase that number to signal to Congress that this issue is still important to the bikers in America.  If your representative is already a cosponsor, the system will send them a thank you on your behalf which also encourages them to ask their colleagues in the House of Representatives to join them. 

TAKE ACTION NOW: Tell Congress that targeting a motorcyclist because of their clothes, cut or motorcycle is discriminatory and needs public attention. Support H.Res. 255.

 Take Action 

Ride Free,
Tiffany Cipoletti
Director of Government Relations

    Motorcyclist in the State of West Virginia have managed to get 3 bills into the WV State House.   SB 153, SB 154 and HB 2070.   SB 153 & SB 2070 would allow Motorcyclist in W.V. A Choice to wear a helmet or not. (21 Years and older with 2 year endorsement)
Senate Bill 153 House Bill 2070 Senate Bill 154
.pdf files
    The following list is the senators on the Senate Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. The bill (SB153) is pending in that committee.

Ring their phones off the hook!!!
Charles Clements (Wetzel, 02)
(Committee Chair)
Capitol phone: 304 357 7827
Home phone: 304 455 5339

Chandler Swope (Mercer, 06)
(Vice Chair)
Capitol Phone: 304 357 7843
Home Phone: 304 920 2460

Robert Beach (Mon, 13)
Capitol Phone: 304 357 7919
Home Phone: 304 933 7170

Donna Boley (Pleasants, 03)
Capitol Phone: 304 357 7905
Home Phone: 304 684 3266

Glenn Jeffries (Putnam, 08)
Capitol Phone: 304 357 7866
Home Phone: 304 989 2223

Kenny Mann (Monroe, 10)
Capitol Phone: 304 357 7849
Home Phone: 304 646 6089

John Pitsenbarger (Nicholas, 11)
Capitol Phone: 304 357 7973
Home Phone: none listed

Robert Plymale (Wayne, 05)
Capitol Phone: 304 357 7937
Home Phone: 304 638 7147

Rollan Roberts (Raleigh, 09)
Capitol Phone: 304 357 7831
Home Phone: 681 238 1779

From the Chairman of the Board page
Mike Stock
 (11-22-19)     This article is the only article I will be writing from now on. My position of Chairman of The Board oversees the Board of Directors and fills in for any open offices. I will write about issues involving those offices in this article. This will make life so much easier.
    This is the end of the 2019 riding season and I hope everyone had a great year. The start of the year was a little wet and some of our events had to be cancelled. As we all know, the weather is what makes or breaks these events. Every event has made a little money and that is what keeps this grass roots organization moving on and representing every motorcyclist in Ohio..................................( Read more....)
From the Exective Director Page
Ed Shetter
 ' (8-26-19)     Nationwide only 3 percent of Americans belong to a freedom fighting organization (explains the 3% and III% logos people wear). I recently ran into someone wearing a III% logo and asked him if new itís history. He gave me a story about a group who are tired of the government and rambled on for about 15 minutes and never did say where it came from. I let him know. This reminded me of how important a job we do here in ABATE. Only 1 out of 33 1/3 people (itís tough if youíre the 1/3 person) are willing to stand up and defend the rights and freedoms of all motorcyclists. .............( Read more....)

From the Legislative Page
Kolman Fuzy
  (11-22-19)     Both Congress and State Legislatures are back in session, and that means an increase in activity in dealing with all the issues we are facing. On the Federal side, H.R. 255, the profiling legislation has now over 90 co-sponsors, due to the hard work by Tiffany and Rocky of the MRF and all the SMROs involved in trying to get this resolution passed in the House. Keep pressuring your Congressmen to sign on as co-sponsors and to support this resolution. Also, E-15 continues to be out there. H.R. 2540, the Food and Fuel Consumer Protection Act of 2019 has been introduced by Reps. Bill Flores (R-TX) and Peter Welch (D-VT). This would cap the volume of ethanol blended into the nation's fuel supply at 9.7% of the total volume of gasoline. The AMA and other SMROs support this legislation as a way to limit the amount of E-15 forced into the marketplace and to insure the availability of E-10 and E-0 for motorcyclists and other small engine users. Please contact your Representatives to support this resolution as well.............. ( Read more )
From the Safety & Ed Page
Mike Stock
  (10-26-19)     With more than half the year gone, the older you get the faster time goes by, we seem to be riding better than we did last year. Last year at this time we had 81 fatalities and to date this year we have 66. Also there were 7 passenger fatalities, 10 out of state licenses and 5 three wheel motorcycle fatalities. What I desperately wish we could change but I have not found a way, 36 of our fatalities were our own fault. We are better riders than that, are we not?........ ( Read more )

Tired of sitting on your bike at Red Lights
that won't turn GREEN ????
    To enlist the help of Ohio’s motorcyclists, ODOT set up a special phone number & E-mail for motorcyclists for reporting problem intersections.
    When reports come in, ODOT will notifiy signal owners ( often a city or county ) about the situation and offer recommendations for improvement.
Red Light Hotline
Red Light E-mail

Help Wanted:
E-Mail the
State Office
or call
for details
State Newsletter Crew Member
Should be experenced in Magazine Publishing and/or Microsoft Publisher software. E-mail the Outspokin' Editor for details
Web Crew Member
Work on and/or Regional web pages.   Should have F.T.P. and HTML experence.   E-mail the State Webmaster for details.


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