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We need you to act now !!
    HB 550 has been passed out of Committee and now will go to the House Vote this Tuesday November 17, 2020. We need each and every member to contact their House Representative with the attached letter or call their office and ask them to vote NO. We have many concerns with HB550. (see letter, you can fill in and send)

    To find your House representative go to and then at the top bar under Legislators. If you have any questions please contact Ed Shetter, Kolman Fuzy or Mike Stock

Call to Action Letter   (.DOC file)

    Dear .............. ,

    In 1988 the Motorcycle Ohio training program was created to provide affordable safety training to the motorcycle riders in Ohio. Motorcycle Ohio has provided an effective affordable program for over 30 years, including developing the Motorcycle Ohio Rider Enhancement (MORE) program. This curriculum is also used in neighboring state because of how effective it is.

    On November 10th HB 550 was passed out of committee. I have several concerns with HB 550:
• With the number of programs already in existence and more being developed, how can the quality of training be ensured so the motorcyclists of Ohio are trained properly?
• As the technology involving a motorcycle and its interaction with the road and infrastructure changes, how are multiple training programs kept up to date?
• Will the rider needing an endorsement shop around for the “easiest” set of testing standards or scoring?
• Will trainers who teach multiple programs at multiple sites drift between programs teaching highlights from several and create their own hybrid program?
• Motorcycle Ohio is currently a 3 person team that handles the monumental tasks of overseeing training the students, training the instructors, quality assurance, data collection and range compliance. Should Motorcycle Ohio be used to do this for multiple programs?
• Should public money be used to support private sector training?

With these concerns I must stand in opposition of HB 550.

Thank you for your time and consideration on this issue.


Registered voter

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Nominations for Positions in Offices within ABATE of Ohio, Inc. are NOW open for the 2021/2022 term.
The Board of Directors positions that will be filled are listed on our Election Page .

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Motorcyclist Profiling Pushed in the House

    Today the Co-Chairmen of the House Motorcycle Caucus, Rep. Burgess (R-Texas) and Rep. Walberg (R-Michigan), released a letter they authored to Speaker Pelosi and Republican Leader McCarthy asking for a vote on the House floor of H. Res 255, the motorcyclist profiling resolution. Joining Reps. Burgess and Walberg as signatories on the letters were Rep. Balderson (R-Ohio), Rep. Peterson (D-Minnesota) and Rep. Raskin (D-Maryland). These five bipartisan lawmakers should be commended for seeking a vote in the House of Representatives on this topic. The Senate passed an identical version of this resolution in 2018 and action by the House of Representatives in overdue.

    Click HERE to view the letter

    In the past three Congresses similar resolutions have been introduced in the House. In the 114th Congress H. Res 831 garnered 18 cosponsors, in the 115th Congress H. Res 318 had 37 cosponsors, and in the now H. Res 255 has 138 cosponsors and counting. This continued growth of cosponsors demonstrates that the issue of motorcyclists profiling is not going anywhere.

    Put simply, 32% of House Members are cosponsors of this resolution. It is time for the House of Representatives to act! We, as motorcyclists, demand our concerns and grassroots work not be ignored. We have spent far too long fighting this battle to be ignored any longer.

    A vital tool in driving awareness and education of the issue with lawmakers has been the Motorcycle Profiling Project (MPP). For over 5 years the MPP has sought to collect data on the profiling of motorcyclists and use that data as a tool to change public policy. The MPP has been at the forefront of the fight to pass state laws on profiling. Four states, Idaho, Maryland, Louisiana and Washington have all passed state laws to address the issue in part because of the efforts of the MPP.

    This year the MPP hit a milestone with 10,000th respondent to its annual survey. We at the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) commend the MPP for achieving this milestone. We at the MRF have used the data provided by the MPP to educate lawmakers and make the case that profiling is real and happening in their home states. If you haven’t taken the MPP 2020 survey yet, please click here.

    Thank you to these five Congressmen and the Motorcycle Profiling Project for leading the charge on this important topic. Now get to work Congress and pass this bipartisan resolution!

Joe Pickens

From the Chairman of the Board page
Mike Stock
  (5-7-2020)     Even with the slow down and limited miles we are making statistics that should be lower than they are. In 2020 we have 246 crashes with 10 fatalities and 61 serious injuries. In 2019 at this same time there were 291 crashes with 14 fatalities and 72 serious injuries. I feel that 2020 should be a lot less with the stay at home policy. The issue of speed is higher this year than last. What’s up with that? We should be enjoying that ride. It’s the single vehicle crashes that need to stop. Let’s stop killing and injuring ourselves.....................................( Read more....)
From the Exective Director Page
Ed Shetter
  (9-18-2020)     ABATE of Ohio was in Columbus to stand in opposition to HB 550.   Short Version: This bill would give any Motorcycle Safety class recognized either nationally or in another state the ability to teach their curriculum here in Ohio and anyone passing it would receive a motorcycle endorsement. We feel that the Motorcycle Ohio Program (MORE) has taken good care in educating Ohio’s riders for over 25 years. Also a class being taught with no oversight can’t be good. There is nothing in the bill regarding funding and we don’t feel our motorcycle safety funds (collected $6 at a time from your motorcycle registrations) should be used by a for profit training course................( Read more....)

From the Legislative Page
Kolman Fuzy
  (11-5-2020)   In last month's article I referenced HB 550 an Ohio bill to modify motorcycle training. As of this writing, there has been no movement on this bill, however, we have been told by the bill's sponsor that if there is any movement, we will be notified and all concerned groups are continuing to monitor the situation................. ( Read more )

Tired of sitting on your bike at Red Lights
that won't turn GREEN ????
    To enlist the help of Ohio’s motorcyclists, ODOT set up a special phone number & E-mail for motorcyclists for reporting problem intersections.
    When reports come in, ODOT will notifiy signal owners ( often a city or county ) about the situation and offer recommendations for improvement.
Red Light Hotline
Red Light E-mail

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June 15, 2020

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