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Congratts !!!! Kolman......
ABATE of Ohio, Inc.'s Seminar 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner !!!!!!

On behalf of the Seminar Committee and Myself, We would like to thank the following:

Reineke Dealerships, Abate Foundation, Rod Taylor/Abate Legal Services, AMA, MRF,
Crowne Plaza North, Independent Motorsports, Columbus Car Audio,
ABATE of Ohio, Inc., Region 9,
Gary Sellers, Chuck Stiteler, Mike Sayre, Michelle May, Megan Ekstrom, Rob Dingman,
All Those Who Helped, All Who Attended, All Who Donated Auction Items.

A special thank you from me to Chris Winchester for all your help-THANK YOU!!


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Motorcycle Awareness Rally
May 5, 2018
Registration 9:30am to 11:00am.

A.D. Farrow Co. Shop at NorthStar
7754 St. Rt. 37 E., Sunbury, OH 43074
740.965.9900 -- 1.888.807.9901
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Click for printable flier.

From the Chairman of the Board page
Mike Stock
 (4-11-18)     Communication is important to me. My phone and my email are answered as fast as I can. I think I have returned every call and email and if itís not solved, I am still working on it. But please, if you think it is taking too long or that maybe I have lost or mislaid your note, please get back to me as you are very important. This goes for every Director, Coordinator, Officer and Member. I want to do all I can to get everyone an answer and/or solution for whatever is on your mind but NO, I cannot fix everything......................( Read more....)
From the Exective Director Page
Ed Shetter
 ' (4-11-18)     This brings us to May being Motorcycle Awareness Month. (I know itís only April) Letís get out and get as many proclamations as possible this year. It put in contact with the local powers that be and thatís where grass roots advocacy starts. And we know the general public needs a reminder to take a break from their distracted lives and look for us. May 5th is the Awareness Rally. Letís get out there and remind people to look for us. Iím tired of visiting friends in the hospital or worse. See you all at Farrowís Northstar..............................( Read more....)

From the Legislative Page
Kolman Fuzy
  (4-11-18)     The EPA released Renewable Fuel Mandates spell bad news for motorcyclists. The amount of 19.24 billion gallons of renewable fuel (corn ethanol) is forcing more E-15 into the marketplace, which is a concern because of inadvertent mis-fueling, caused by blender pumps and confusing pump labels. It also can reduce the supply of E-0 and E-10 fuels, as fuel producers work to stay within the EPA guidelines. As you travel, pay close attention to the pump you are using and also to the labeling on the pump to insure you are not introducing E-15 into your MC.................. ( Read more )
From the Safety & Ed Page
Mike Stock
  (4-11-18)     Here we are in April and riding season is upon us. We have had bad weather for the most part and the numbers show that. Here are the stats for this year - 62 crashes with 1 death and 38 injuries. The weather in 2017 was nice and the figures also show that - 143 crashes with 8 deaths and 105 injures. Remember, in 2016 we had 199 deaths and last yearís total was 145 deaths. That is a 28% drop. Lawmakers and insurance companies are watching us trying to get more laws and higher priced insurance so these better stats help us fight them....................... ( Read more )

Tired of sitting on your bike at Red Lights
that won't turn GREEN ????
    To enlist the help of Ohioís motorcyclists, ODOT set up a special phone number & E-mail for motorcyclists for reporting problem intersections.
    When reports come in, ODOT will notifiy signal owners ( often a city or county ) about the situation and offer recommendations for improvement.
Red Light Hotline
Red Light E-mail

Help Wanted:
E-Mail the State Office
call 1-800-252-4537 for details
State Products Director
E-mail the State Office or call 1-800-252-4537 for details
State Newsletter Crew Member
Should be experenced in Magazine Publishing and/or Microsoft Publisher software. E-mail the Outspokin' Editor for details
Web Crew Member
Work on and/or Regional web pages.   Should have F.T.P. and HTML experence.   E-mail the State Webmaster for details.


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