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About ABATE of Ohio, Inc.


ABATE of Ohio, Inc.(American Bikers Aimed Toward Education) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the rights, improving the image, and promoting the safe operating practices of Ohio motorcyclists.

Our goals include...

Our primary function is to keep motorcycling free from unecessary governmental restrictions. We are deeply involved in all phases of the legislative process. We constantly monitor legislative activity, on both a state and federal level, with regard to laws affecting motorcyclists.

We further support and participate in vigorous campaigns for motorcycle education and related safety programs, desemination of motorcycle-related information and the staging of various events for the purpose of fund-raising.

Raising of funds for charitable causes, staging events for members, and general promotion of motorcycling!

Is involved in political awareness, encouraging members to register and vote.

  • Supports American Motorcyclist Association (AMA).
  • Supports Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF).


    ABATE of Ohio, Inc. is open to all persons 18 years or older having an interest in preserving personal freedoms and sharing our goals. Owning a motorcycle is not necessary.

    Dues assessed yearly: $20.00
    With Printed OUTSPOKIN' in your mailbox $30.00


    ABATE of Ohio, Inc. members receive a monthly newsletter (The OUTSPOKIN')covering important issues and events...local, regional, national and international.


    ABATE is a freedom of choice organization, dedicated to the premise that the individual is best suited to decide the type of motorcycle to ride, type of safety gear worn...and personal life-style.

    The primary objective of ABATE is to monitor motorcycle related legislation and encourage all members to become politically involved...so as to effect positive legislation and deter that of a negative nature.

    Through public forums, writing letters and meeting elected representatives, ABATE members have the opportunity to speak on their side of the issues, and educate governmental leaders about the needs and desire of Ohio motorcyclists.

    Legislative directors on state and regional levels help to coordinate these efforts; and, when necessary, provide a communication link between the group and elected officials.


    ABATE of Ohio, Inc. has been instrumental in bettering the lot of Ohio bikers in many areas. ABATE worked to get legislation passed to create the Ohio Motorcyclist Enrichment Program (now called Motorcycle Ohio). This program trains thousands of new motorcyclists each year, and also offers a course for the experienced rider.

    Each May, ABATE, in cooperation with the Ohio Department of Public Safety, sponsors the Motorcycle Awareness Rally in our State Capitol to raise public awareness of the fact that it is Spring, and Motorcycles are "back on the roads".

    Through regional programs, ABATE members have staged and participated in events that have raised tens of thousands of dollars, or collected much needed items such as clothing, toys, etc. for charitable causes.

    Perhaps our greatest achievement is the creation of an organization that enables you to become educated both politically and in safe riding practices; an organization that offers you activities and brotherhood of fellow motorcyclists; an organization that will stand up and fight for all motorcyclists, to ensure that we and our children will be able to enjoy the freedoms we hold so dear.

    What you get with your ABATE membership

    Besides helping preserve your rights to ride a motorcycle, as an ABATE member you will receive 12 issues of ABATE's monthly (The OutSpokin') Newsletter (worth the $20 by itself), legislative updates, safety info., access to the Legal Services Program, Insurance Program, special discounts on many MRO events, a membership card, patch or year pin, and of course you'll meet a lot of great people and have good times with those that share your interest in motorcycling. In addition, ABATE members receive a 10% discount from all ABATE business sponsors across the state. Some County & Regional chapters also send an additional newsletter mailing to members registered in their county/region.

    Popular Misconceptions

    Misconception: I thought ABATE was only for Harley Riders?
    The Truth: You do NOT have to own a Harley-Davidson motorcycle to be a member of ABATE of Ohio, Inc. It doesn't matter what you ride, or even "if" you ride for that matter. ABATE of Ohio, Inc. is open to all persons 18 years and older having an interest in preserving personal freedoms, preserving the rights of motorcyclist, and sharing our goals. Owning a motorcycle is not necessary.

    Misconception: ABATE is only concerned with helmet laws and that doesn't effect me.
    The Truth: ABATE is NOT solely concerned with "helmet laws". While it is true, ABATE of Ohio,Inc. opposes any regulation restricting a riders freedom to choose for their self, what is right for them individually. We do not oppose helmet use. If you personally prefer to wear a helmet, that is a choice that you should be entitled to make for yourself. ABATE believes (and it has been proven) that educating the public about motorcycling, and educating and training motorcycle riders has much more effect in reducing deaths and injuries than helmet laws. In addition to helmet laws, we are constantly threated with other legislation that attempts to take away our personal freedoms. There is a lot of legislative activity out there that is harmful to motorcyclist that has nothing to do with helmets (ie: outrageous insurance requirements, banning motorcycles from certian roads , gross misuse of our own tax dollars to lobby against us, etc.).

    Misconception:1)That stuff can never be turned into a Law, you guys worry too much !!
    2)"They" can never do that.
    3)You guys will take care of it, Right ??

    The Truth:While ABATE of Ohio,Inc. has had many successes through the years, Our (ABATE + Motorcyclist) worst fears are here, NOW. Current EPA changes would rid this country of Air Cooled engines, Carburetors, and 98% of Aftermarket Parts and Shops. This is one fight that ABATE needs you and you need ABATE. If you plan on riding like or what you do now into the future, we strongly urge you to get involved today, otherwise, your next new bike WILL be Water Cooled and Fuel Injected and you won't be able to Modify it.(notice: we didn't say anything about Brand Names, ALL Bikes will be affected)
    Don't believe us ?? Stop at your local H-D shop and check out the V-Rod !!!

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