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Columbiana,  Mahoning,  Portage,  Summit,  &  Trumbull Counties

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Randy Kibler
330 428-2083

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Keith Roller
330 503-7974

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Saturday, July 27, 2024


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1675 Trumbull Ave., Girard, Oh. 44420

ABATE of OHIO, Inc.       Region Zero News #23        June 2024

"The Freedoms you surrender today, are the freedoms that your grandchildren will never know existed !"

Randy Kibler …  Region Zero  Director  330.428.2083

    Region Zero just finished up our first annual Summer of Bummer Party. We had bands, plenty of pork, brisket, bike games, and auction items. If we continue the party next year then it will be much more of a polished event. You never know, we may just revert back to the Not Just Another Damn Run.

    July 27th is our 10th annual Veteran’s Outreach run. We are looking forward to this event being that we have plenty of Veterans in our Region along with the outstanding work Veteran’s Outreach puts out. As a Vet myself, I am always leery of events put on in the name of Veterans. Many groups put on events for Vets when it’s all smoke and mirrors. Always look at the flyer and ask the hard questions when in doubt.

    With this wonderful weather we are able to ride and be more active Ministers of our mission. To be a good Minister is to have the right information and facts and to be personable. Too many situations I hear people talking about things they have no idea about only because some other idiot told them, or they read fake news on social media or on television. Older folks are just as guilty or more, than the younger generation believe it or not. Just go to your local pub, hospital waiting room, or any other gathering place and old heads will be buried into their cell phones. Hard to be personable with heads sucked into a tiny screen. Hell, people will scroll through nonsense on their phones during meetings and others important professional gatherings. I find it terribly sad and disrespectful, so don't be that person.

   Thank you all!! Until next time, back off the technology and get back to what's real and important.


Keith Roller … Deputy Director.

    Thank you to everyone who helped out with the Summer of Bummer party, and thank you to all who attended. The event went off without any major hitches because of the efforts everyone put into the preparation. We received good feedback from those who were there and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

    Now we turn our attention to preparing for the Veterans Outreach run. TA is putting together a great route and we are praying for favorable weather. As always, baskets for the auction are being requested. This will all be discussed at the upcoming membership meeting.

    We are into the heart of riding season now, so please remain vigilant about safety and maintenance for your ride.


 Lion Man …       Legislative Director     330.718.3066

    Hello fellow ABATE members.  Legislatively there is not much going on.  I continue to push to get the Right of Way bill introduced.  Some of you may wonder why I have put so much time into this.  In the last 5 and ½ years there have been 21,467 right of way crashes in Region Zero alone.  Too many people just do not look for bicyclists, pedestrians and motorcycles.  THEY JUST DON’T LOOK!!!  I want the people who violate the right of way and kill someone and/or seriously injures them to face felonies so that they, their relatives, and everyone who knows them to know they face felonies for being in too much of a hurry.   Maybe that maybe it will make them pay more attention on the road.

    The problem is that the Legislative Service Commission, who writes the bills, has not placed killing someone higher that a first degree misdemeanor and that is totally unacceptable to me.  The courts have, and continue to, refuse to charge people with charges that would invoke more serious penalties.  That is why my focus is on changing the right of way law!

    If this sounds confusing come to a meeting and I will explain it better.

    As usual I will update you on other state issues, other states freedom fights, both the positive and the negative, as well as where we are at on the national front.

    As my mentor says, Peace be the Journey!

       Lion Man


TA Brown …  Road Captain   330.727.8286

    Greetings my fellow ABATE Brothers and Sisters. I trust you have all been getting out and riding as much as the weather will allow and just overall be enjoying this spring and soon to be summer weather.

    Speaking of summer, we have just concluded the first Summer of Bummer party and hog roast held at Yellow Dog Saloon. I have to say that for the first year of putting an event like this together, I thought it went pretty well. You couldn't ask for better weather for an event....sunny, breezy and just very pleasant. The day of good music, good food, and good friends was very enjoyable. It was also very special to have Bummers' son Ben, in attendance to witness how much we actually miss and appreciate Bummer's lasting influence and spirit with his love of life and the cause freedom of the road through his Abate membership. All in all, a pretty great - great day all around.

    As we now move into the summer rally season, hope most of you got to experience the " Midwest's largest motorcycle rally " in Sandusky....just a quick little run up to the North Coast. I attended the Bret Micheals sans Poison show Saturday night. Really good show even without CC

    Hope to see you at our monthly meetings or on the road at some event or run to continue the ABATE  mission of 'ride free because of me'. Until we meet again...... 

    Ride safe, ride often

    T A


Donna Sam … Membership      330.540.6210I

    I love having all you people as my friends.  Feel free to text or call anytime you think I can help you with something, (but not cleaning or doing yard work).    We have a new lifetime member, congrats to Stanley Shrodek.


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  When you login, go directly to “Lost your Password”.  Put in your email and click “request Password Reset”.   If you get a message that there is no user registered with that email address, please fill out the contact form on the website and we’ll get it fixed and let you know when it’s done.  This is especially important for couples so we can enter/fix the other half.

If you get this by email, click here to read the June outspoken.  Pay attention to Legislative page 20 from our own Lion Man. 

(OK, the link is not pretty, but it’s there… read it!!)



Next Activities 

Sat… June 22 , 1 pm    General membership meeting     FACES Lounge  Newton Falls, OH

Sat…. July 13, 1pm    General membership meeting   CHC Restaurant  North Jackson, OH 



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