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ABATE of Ohio, Inc. Region 12
Ashtabula, Cuyahoga, Geauga & Lake Counties
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ABATE of Ohio, Inc. would like to welcome you to Region 12's Web Page.
ABATE of Ohio, Inc. Region 12 covers Ashtabula, Cuyhoga, Geauga and Lake Counties in North/East Ohio.
If you would like to obtain more information about ABATE of Ohio, Inc. please visit our State Page at www.abate.com.

    Region 12 is not currently an active Region for ABATE of Ohio, Inc. If you are interested in becomeing involved getting Region 12 up and running, Please contact the officers below.....
Deputy Director A

State Office
(interm) Chairman Of the Board
Mike Stock
(419) 654-5446
Executive Director
Ed Schetter

Our Mission

    ABATE of Ohio, Inc. is a motorcyclists' rights organization dedicated to preserving individual freedom and promoting safety.  We fully support rider training, safety and educational programs.  Our members also raise funds for the less fortunate, through charity runs and benefits.  We encourage our members to become active in their local communities. ABATE of Ohio, Inc. works to protect the rights of all motorcyclists through direct involvement in the political process.  You, as an individual, can help in the ongoing struggle against anti-motorcycle legislation both here in Ohio, and across the United States, by becoming an ABATE member.

    ABATE of Ohio, Inc. is non-partisan and welcomes all riders.  We give those with a strong interest in motorcycling an opportunity to unite and become part of one of Ohio's strongest motorcycle organizations.  ABATE of Ohio, Inc. feels that all of us, from lifestyle rider to off-road-fan, are brothers and sisters with a common interest ... riding free !

Contact Information

    For ABATE of Ohio, Inc. information please use the information found below
or visit the ABATE of Ohio, Inc. State Web Pages for more information!
State Office: 1-800-252-4537   stateoffice@abate.com
"T.J."- Deputy Director A (N.E.Ohio): 330-360-7752   DeputyDirectorA@abate.com
State Webmaster: webmaster@abate.com
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