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March 2016

Greetings you groovy cats and kittens,
    As I gaze at my calendar I see that we have quite a few noteworthy events and holidays coming up this month. I never realized that March was such a party! But before we get into that, on the 13th we reset our clocks for Daylight Savings Time.

    There are two states that don’t even use DST, those being most of Arizona (the Navajo Nation in Arizona DOES use it, but the rest of the state doesn’t), and Hawaii. In the past quite a few states, some completely and some partially, did NOT recognize DST, but due to recent changes as of right now in 2016, except for most of Arizona, it’s being used by the entire continental US. Although 3/13 won’t technically be spring yet, for the sake of remembering the events each year: SPRING forward and FALL behind.

    Okay....coming up on the 17th we have the day when we ALL become Irish....St Patrick’s Day! The evening of this day is also credited for raising very much money for all the local courts via DUIs (or OVIs I guess) so be extremely careful if you drink like an Irishman that night.

    On Saturday the 19th our ABATE Legislative Seminar will be held at the Mohican State Park Lodge. Many people go to the seminar on Friday the 18th so they can experience the whole weekend, and some just go on Saturday for the actual main event due to their schedules and/or to save the motel room fees. I’m not sure which I’m doing yet, but I’ll be there.

    The 25th is Good Friday. Now, obviously this is a very holy and religious time for many. But the night before, Thursday, actually begins the long weekend for most. It too (like St. Patty’s Day) is a high profile bar night because most of us have the next morning be very careful if you go out that night too.

    Of course Sunday the 27th is Easter. About the only way you can be negatively affected on that day is by eating too much ham and over-dosing on chocolate bunnies and hard-boiled eggs. But one of my earliest memories is from when I was about four years old and one of my dumbass older brothers gave me an egg carton filled with a bunch of fuzzy itty-bitty live baby chicks for Easter. Then later! I’m not saying anything more about that. But I WILL say that to this day all ya gotta do is mention “baby chicks” and I burst out sobbing loudly and uncontrollably. It’s kinda embarrassing.

    Isn’t it odd how some things will jog your memories, good or bad, and immediately you are taken back in time to a specific moment?

    I’ve read that smells are often like that. I know the fragrance of bread baking always makes me visualize my mom pulling the hot loaves out of the oven and placing them on the countertop to cool. She baked bread once a week and that aroma still makes me drool like Pavlov’s dog. (Note: Russian scientist Ivan Pavlov noticed that a dog he studied would profusely salivate in anticipation whenever the technician who fed him entered the room. Pavlov’s subsequent research resulted in what is now known as “Classical Conditioning”). And whenever I smell a woman’s nail-polish remover I can’t help but think of when I worked at an arsenal where we used acetone to wipe off the excess TNT or Compound B (an explosive) that filled the 155 caliper artillery rounds.

    Our five senses are; smell, sight, touch, taste, and sound. All of them seem to be short cuts, not just to our memories, but to our moods too.

    I’m not into new-age artsy-fartsy stuff, but I guess “Aroma Therapy” might be effective in some situations. I know “The Scent of a Woman” is more than just a movie to me. And it’s a fact that a realtor might tell you to throw some easy-bake cookies (preferably ginger bread or oatmeal) in your oven just before she shows your house to a prospective buyer (just make sure you don’t burn ‘em).

    The sight of greenery right after a rain when ozone makes the leaves on trees seem almost fluorescent in the sunlight always reminds me of the first time I did...uh...the first time I really noticed that. That ozone smell is a trigger too.

    On a very cold night, the feeling of warm air gushing from a car heater reminds me of curling up on floor of the passenger side in our huge family Chrysler when I was a much smaller version of what I am now. Of course we now know that’s wrong and wouldn’t even consider allowing that. But back then we didn’t even have seat belts, and that was probably the safest place in those heavily-framed cars for a little kid.

    The taste of some greasy French fries reminds me of McDonald’s when their fries were sold for 12 cents a bag (and way tastier too). Orange sherbet always takes me back to hot summer days when those jingly Ice Cream Trucks drove through the neighborhood offering those cold and delicious Orange Push-ups.

    I’ve always known that some music will bring me back to a time in my past, maybe to an old girlfriend or to a time of fun and frolic. Check out a great movie called, “The Music Never Stopped” from 2011, suggested by a true story about a shrink who used Grateful Dead tunes to help an amnesiac. That method is now called “Music Therapy” and the therapist in that story helped discover and develop the process.

    Of course sounds other than music affect our memories, and also our moods and states of mind. The sound of high-heels click-clacking on a hard surfaced floor always drives me nuts from association in a good way. The loud rumble of a V-Twin coming down my road often makes me think that someone is coming to visit, and I’m sure that comes from a time when I knew most loud scooters in my area and the people who rode them. But now bikes are all over the place and most of them rumble loudly, so I’m getting used to that.

    I’m getting used to a lot of stuff these days. Like: Waking up early enough to see the sunrise (I used to work afternoons). Like keeping my bike on a “battery tender” so I can just unplug it and ride all year round (God I love those things). But like many other Ohioans, one of the things I’ve dangerously gotten used to regarding this lifestyle is not being forced to wear a helmet.

    This and so many other things that could become issues are usually noticed and pounced on by know-it-alls influencing politicians who in turn enact restrictive and often senseless laws without really knowing or even caring about those issues or the people, like you and I, who are directly affected by them.

    If you really care about the legislative issues of motorcycling and would like to gain any knowledge about the process that deals with them, I hope to see you at the Mohican State Park Lodge on Saturday the 19th for our annual Legislative Seminar. It really will be a fun and informative time. And they have an indoor pool! LOL. Price of admission in advance is $30 for members and $35 for non-members. You can charge tickets over the phone by calling our state office, you can order them by using your computer, you can get ‘em through this magazine or you can simply show up that day and pay an extra $5.
                        Hope to see ya there,


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