Shootin' the Breeze

by "Bummer"

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August 2013

        Howdy folks,

    I was on one of our local Region Zero runs the other day (the “Not Just Another Damned Run” on June 15th), and among many other people, I met some really cool members from Region 8 who rode up to participate. One of the great things about being a member of ABATE is (if ya don’t mind traveling a bit) there’s always an ABATE event of some kind on any given weekend during the summer. There, you’ll have the chance to meet really good people with whom you have a lot in common. And just as we welcomed them, YOU will find your participation appreciated and yourself treated as an honored guest.

    I couldn’t go to our “June Jam” again this year because my hometown of Newton Falls has their “Motorcycle Madness” event downtown, and I’ve been there representing ABATE in order to gain new members for the past few years. Just sitting on my butt (which I’m really good at) behind a table under an ABATE banner got us some new members! And many more took home information to read and consider. It’s always been my opinion that if more bikers only knew who we are and what we do, we’d have plenty more members than we do. And this only proves that.

    In keeping with this thought: I urged a great guy who already IS one of our members AND a very popular local radio DJ (“Fast Freddie” from “The Wolf: 93.3 in Youngstown) to make a few radio spots for us....and he agreed. He’s already completed one of them, and the other two that he’s working on will be finished in a few days. He told me his station will be running them soon as PSA’s (Public Service Announcements) locally, and the network that owns his station will probably be broadcasting them all over the state on other stations that the company own!!

    In order to maintain their FCC licenses, radio stations are required to broadcast a certain amount of community and/or public service announcements. The spots sound great, and all three of them have our name, our website address, and our state phone number prominently featured at the listen for them coming to your area soon. The theme of each is, “Watch out for motorcycles, pay attention, and drive!”

    August is such a strange time of year. By now we’ve settled in to the warm summer days and nights. We’ve become used to it.

    On one level, I think every year we begin to take for granted that this fine weather is going to be permanent, and we start to believe that these hot days and nights are going to last forever. But deep down inside we know this isn’t so. And then we begin to slightly panic when we snap back to reality and realize that it won’t. Soon, we’ll be feeling a colder wind and riding with a shiver.

    But for now, we enjoy the long, leisurely rides. And we enjoy riding on into these warm summer nights, with August usually being the only month that contains those few precious days of weather that is so warm you can ride all night in a T-shirt.

    We enjoy swimming, going to county fairs, and picnics. We relish riding our bikes to work, and going to work (or coming home from there), without having to scrape the damned ice off the windshields of our cars. And when we DO have to drive our cars, we love riding with our windows down, perhaps only sub-consciously noticing that the grass is turning browner and dryer. Then, we begin to watch the leaves, and we realize that they will soon change color too and it will all be over for this year.

    So, get off your asses and do whatever ya like! Go for a putt. Go to a fair. Take your kids or grandkids to the zoo or someplace else that ya wouldn’t during colder months.

    Whatever ya do, DON’T do like I’ve found myself sometimes doing, and end up sitting around the house in air-conditioning, wasting this valuable time of year thinking about it being too damned hot outside, or that you’re too busy doing something else to be able to take advantage of this weather. Whatever ya think ya have to do can wait. But this glorious weather won’t.

    Okay...... Now for something else entirely: National “Go topless” day will be on Sunday, August 25th 2013!

    Since 2007 women from all over the country have chosen that day to protest antiquated public indecency laws that allow men to be comfortably cool and shirtless, while condemning women to be uncomfortably warm and restricted. On this day female freedom fighters show their disdain AND their equality with the same carefree abandonment as a man, by taking their shirts off whenever and wherever they like. All women who find this legislative restraint and unreasonable legal persecution intolerable are urged to offer their support to their sisters by baring themselves in public and private in agreement wherever they go. (Just don’t enter anyplace that has the sign, “No shirt, no shoes, etc.” on the door. LOL!)

    If ya like, you can read more at: Power to the people!!! Feel free to send photos of yourself showing your support to me at You have my word that you can trust in my discretion and that they will NOT be reposted online nor shown in this or any other magazine.
(I know: I’m a perv and a shameless pig! But, just like Popeye used to say... “I yam what I yam.”)


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