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April 2016

    Greetings you groovy cats and kittens,

    Hereís one for ya ........
    Someone walks into a convenience store, jumps up on the counter and pulls out a gun. Then he screams, ďGive me everything thatís in the register! Now!Ē The shocked cashier replies, ďThatís not even a real pistol! Thatís a BB gun!Ē Then the thief thrusts it into the clerkís face and yells, ďYes, but I can put your eye out with it so give up the money.Ē

    That sounds like a bad joke, but it really happened in Akron last week. It would almost be funny if the thief wasnít an eight year old kid....just a little guy! Thatís why he had to jump up onto the counter to stick the gun into the cashierís eyeball! The boy got the cash and escaped on his bicycle because the clerk wouldnít take a chance on losing his eyesight over some store money.

    And by coincidence the other day in West Palm Beach Florida another eight year old used a REAL gun to try to hold up another convenience store. But this time the gun was knocked out of the kidís hand by a customer. The little punk was remanded to his parents on the condition he gets counseling.

    What the hellís going on in this crazy world today? Are all our eight year olds becoming hardcore banditos for some reason? Back when most of us were eight we might have gotten some kind of, ďStick Ďem up!Ē idea from watching TV, but we wouldnít have had the nerve or the inclination to follow through with it even if our developing sense of morality would have allowed it. And then thereís this.......

    I saw on the news just last night that a West Virginia State Representative introduced a bill that everyone on welfare would have to repeatedly pass a drug test to receive benefits each month like housing, food, health care and meds, etc. Well, people have been suggesting that for years and maybe thatís only fair because if anyone can afford to pay for recreational drugs they can afford to do it without our tax bucks. Now I mean címon, letís get real.

    But the really weird thing is that same Rep. also included in the bill that his fellow colleagues in the legislature would each have to pass those very same tests to get paid or for their votes to even count in legislative sessions, let alone to collect any benefits whatsoever for themselves and their families. Now, since they receive their bucks and benefits from our tax dollars too, THATíS not only logical but also only fair. If itís done to anyone else who are paid by our tax dollars, why NOT them? (Though I doubt it would pass because THEY would be the ones voting on it.)

    But isnít it odd that this thought would even occur to an insider politician and that he would think that it was such a large issue, let alone put forth a bill covering it? No wonder our legislation is so messed up!

    Okay, so we canít trust most of our politicians and what they do....well thatís no big surprise.

    Okay, so we canít trust the neighborís eight year old kid....well that might not be a surprise if it came to the kid lifting stuff outta your garage if you left it open....but to plan and carry out a face to face store robbery at gunpoint?

    Regardless of what some of you might think, if you knew me or even HOW I came across my nick-name, I donít think youíd view me as a ďBummerĒ. At least I donít think of myself as one....Iím a guy who smiles a lot. And I try to not to dwell on negativity, particularly in my writing, unless I think itís somehow humorous.

    But ever since I retired I watch the local evening news almost every day, and itís sickening. Some of the news stories are unbelievably messed up. The things people do to each other! Hell, my friend Jackie says that she quit watching the news long ago simply because it only ruined her day and she realized that it served no real purpose in her life.....sheíd soon hear of something if it was truly that important. And when I stop to think about it, I can see why she feels that way. Maybe thatís what I should do too. Lifeís too short to be thinking about eight year old armed robbers and any politicians who rob us whether they have arms or not.

    Okay, Iíll snap out of it now and move away from that crap and talk about something cheerful, like.....

Springtime in Ohio!

    Iíve said many times that I love living here. I think those who constantly complain about the economy, the weather, the lack of culture, or anything else about my state should simply move to someplace else. Itís sorta like someone who constantly bitches about their spouse but stays right there in that relationship....all theyíre doing is showing everyone that they have no control over their own wimpy and whining life. If something is unbearable and you can do something about it, you should do so or shut up.

    Across the country most of the larger cities have so many similarities that within their city limits, other than a very few things, theyíre all the same. But regarding true, actual motorcycling (which doesnít really happen inside city limits) Ohioís countryside shows you a wide diversity of trees and plants, of scenic roads and also of communities. Back in the day I rode through just about all of the continental states, and let me tell ya, riding through the countryside in Ohio is beautiful in comparison to most of them.

    I have a few friends who complain that Ohio is so flat. Sure, parts of it are. But then they must not have ever ridden through Kansas. And if youíve ever had to push your bike any great lengths in Ohio, well that proves it really isnít that flat! LOL! All ya gotta do is move around Ohio a bit to see steep inclines, rolling hillsides, and deep ravines.

    The farms, the lakes and rivers...the green of it all is so lush and tranquil. Even the smell of fresh country air seems better here.

    Iím not that much of a ďbird personĒ. But one of my exís was, and she taught me that because of the wide array of various fruit trees brought here from abroad or found here and cultivated by the farmers who settled this country, even the birds are beautifully diverse once you get away from the cities and suburbs where those damned aggressive starlings (which some jerk intentionally introduced from England) have taken over.

    Speaking of wildlife once you get away from the towns, Ohio has just about every kind of critter that it had hundreds of years ago except for the buffalo (yes I said buffalo). In fact, recently Iíve been hearing more and more about coyotes, wolves, bears and bobcats being seen, not just in my area, but throughout the state.

    Sure, I live in the Northeast section of Ohio, an area that has been called the heart of the ďRust BeltĒ that runs from Detroit to Pittsburgh and named so because of all the dormant steel mills and vacant factories. But weíre surviving, and maybe things are turning around. My point here is, though my part of Ohio might have lost crucial jobs, our air is getting better, our lakes and rivers are cleaner, and our economy seems to be on the mend.

    Though we canít necessarily ride all year long, Ohioís riding season can be easily stretched a bit just by dressing for it. I know Iíd much rather ride when itís cooler than when itís so hot your motor freaks. Besides, I dig the changing seasons....all of them. And usually each season isnít too extreme here.

    My son Jason lives in Louisiana and he says that during the summers down there people canít even use their swimming pools to cool off because the pool water gets too warm. Temps well over 100 degrees are normal. Now to show how crazy that is, my hot tub maxes-out at 104 for safety reasons. Anything higher might kill you under certain circumstances! You can heat your pool if you absolutely need to, but how can you cool it down?

    Iíve spent many hot summers in Florida, and California too, and itís gotten so Iíd rather not....theyíre just uncomfortable and I love my comforts. I donít like winters that are too cold, and ours usually arenít. Springs that are ridiculously wet are uncommon here. And autumns....well, nothing is homier to me than autumn in Ohio (Iím thinking a cup of hot cider on a cool day among the colorful trees).

    Ohio really is the ďHeart of it allĒ.

                    See ya next month,

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