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March 2014

    Hi Friends,

   Last year was a good year. We had fewer fatalities than in the previous three years.

2013 = 133 2012 = 163 2011 = 166 2010 = 168

    We are going in the correct direction and need the number to go even lower. Keep up the good work.

    Keep talking to your fellow riders, family and friends about Motorcycle Awareness.

    When the snow finally goes away you may need a new sign. Make sure you always have one in your yard. If you find a bike shop, leather shop or accessory shop that wants to sell them on consignment, have them contact me to set it up.

    Alcohol is one of our safety problems. I love a beer with the best of them, but with the number of bikes and cars and trucks and SUVs on the road today, we need to be alert and not distracted. Last year we dropped down to 19.44% alcohol related fatalities and serious injuries. This is down from 50%! We need to stay on this and it will help us reach our end goal of less fatalities.

    At the seminar I showed the 3Rs Program. The 3 Rs are to BE RESPONSIBLE, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY and RIDE RESPONSIBLE. I know Iím like a broken record but we need to stay after it (IT IS IMPORTANT). Donít let a friend ride impaired.

    It may be the time of year that your insurance is due for renewal. A wise man told me that if you donít check your policy and price check it every year that you are paying too much. There are many good companies out there and you need to find one that is in your budget and offers the coverage you want. It is expensive to go to the hospital, so donít take the minimum coverage. Upgrade to make sure you and anyone riding with you are covered.

    Seems like every magazine I pick up has something about sound. We need to be looking at how we can make AJ Public happy. Most of the time, we can help by not overdoing the throttle in residential areas. Remember, some people donít like to be impressed. I have a friend that is still running straight pipes. We have been talking tuned system with mufflers and more horsepower. ďGood BoyĒ And yes, we will be around again with the sound meter this summer.

    Motorcycle Awareness Rally 2014: Itís coming together in a big way and canít come fast enough for me. Everyone needs to get out and get a Proclamation from your local town declaring May as Motorcycle Awareness Month and it will be read on the steps of the State Capital. I have samples and a great cover letter you can use if you would like to make a contribution. You donít need to be a Director to get this done, everyone can help. The After Rally Party will be at Flanaganís Tavern in Blacklick, OH. It is on the Northeast fringe of Columbus. There is a big parking lot, food and entertainment.

    Distracted driving is going to be the death of me! When you see a Mother with a carload of kids texting, nothing but the worst can come from it. Talk to everyone you know about the hazards, especially younger drivers.

    Plan a riding trip in our great State of Ohio. We do have some of the best roads in the nation. You may even see a friend.

    Ride Within Your Limits,

                        Mike Stock
           State Safety & Education Director
                   ABATE of Ohio, Inc.

January 2014

    Hi Friends,

    One way I measure whether our work has an impact on keeping motorcyclists safe is the stats I provide in this article each month. As I see less crashes and more importantly, less fatalities, I have to believe we are on the right path. There are lots of things that affect these stats, but ABATE is making a difference!

2013 Crashes:   4470 Fatalities:   162
2012 Crashes   2635 Fatalities   126

    It is time to start laying out plans to make 2014 even safer. We are talking to young drivers, making them aware that motorcycles share the road. We have billboards up in different areas, we are selling yard signs all over the state and we make ourselves present at major events all over the state. We also have Awareness rides all over the state to kick off motorcycle riding season.

    Now itís time to do more in all of these areas. We need to talk to our fellow bikers, not at them, about getting endorsed and trained. About one half of the fatalities are not licensed. We have one of the best training programs around and itís cheap. Talk to people you meet and help them if they canít get ti done on their own. If we donít take care of ourselves, no one else will.

    The most important event this winter is the State Legislative Seminar. It will be held on Feb 1, 2014 at Deer Creek State Park Lodge. It is a great place to see your fellow brothers and sisters and get information to fuel the fire for next riding season. There will be breakout sessions on many topics. Show up and learn, then go to the banquet and have some fun.

    Next will be the Awareness Rally on May 3rd in Columbus. This kicks off Motorcycle Awareness Month. Iím working on changing it up a little this year so youíll have to stay tuned.

    The next state event following the Rally will be June Jam, June 20th - 22nd. This party is the main fund raiser for the state. It needs to put money in the state coffer to help us thru the year. Watch the flyers, as they will show you all the fun you can have in one weekend.

    The raffle bike for 2014 (ABATE of Ohio Foundation)has been purchased and it is a nice street glide. Tickets are ready to be picked up and sold. There are some new tricks to make a little money on the early draws along the way. Also, the tickets will only be $10 this year.

    This year, Kay and I went on great rides in Indiana and Michigan, but the most fun we have is in Ohio. Next year we want to try the riding games we read about in Thunder Roads and Ride On magazines. We are ready to find some new places in Ohio we havenít been to yet. Maybe you can join us.

    Last but not least, when you put your bike up, put it on the center stand and disconnect the battery. These new bikes all like to draw your battery down.

    See you on the road soon. Be safe this winter. All you old farts, push that snow, donít lift   :)

                   Ride Within Your Limits,

December 2013

    Hi Friends,

   The Ohio riding season is now just a day here and there, so these stats are not going to change much from now to the end of the year. These do show that we had less accidents and fatalities than last year, but still too many for us to let up on our vigilance. Remember, this year we had a late and very wet spring so bikes werenít on the road so early. Next year we will hopefully have a nicer spring but we need to get these stats even lower. It takes work.

2013 Accidents: 2,300 Fatalities: 118
2012 Accidents: 4,188 Fatalities: 152

    In the reports of these accidents, about half of the fatalities had the motorcyclists wearing a helmet. More than half involved alcohol. With freedom comes responsibility, and we need to remind people to be responsible for their choices.

    A good way to help lower these stats is to get training, especially if you are a new rider or have been off of a motorcycle for a number of years. Last year the Motorcycle Ohio (MO) Program trained more people than ever before. We need to keep supporting this program because we pay for it out of license plate fees. Talk it up. Take it yourself, just to see what itís about. Believe that they can teach you something that you donít already know. We will have a MO representative at the State Seminar to answer any questions you might have.

    Speaking of the State Seminar, it is coming up the first weekend in February at Deer Creek State Park Lodge, January 31st and February 1st. Education is the major focus of the Seminar. We want to teach you how to be a better rider, how to be a more effective advocate for motorcycle rights, whether in the larger political forum or in your own town council meeting, what ABATE offers that you arenít taking advantage of and how other motorcyclists around the United States deal with these same issues. If you cannot make the fund-raiser on Friday night, drive down for the seminars and banquet on Saturday. Itís worth your time. Besides, itís the middle of winter. Where else are you going to be able to get together with a bunch of brother and sister bikers in a nice hotel and have a great time.

    TIP OF THE MONTH for everyone trying to get that last ride in. They have already started putting brime on the road along with salt. Make sure you clean that off your bike before storing it. That sh_t will eat your aluminum and rust any steel. Even if you canít see it on the bike, assume it is there and give it a good cleaning. Itís better to have a clean bike first thing in the spring also.

    December is Toledo Mayor Mike Bellís last month in office. I would like to thank him for all his support around the Northwest Ohio area in promoting motorcycling. He always put his personal signature on the Motorcycle Awareness Month Proclamation, which meant a lot to me. I know he will continue to support our cause and I hope to see him at events riding his white Harley. Hereís to many more miles, Mike.

    Last note, Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year. If you need a meaningful gift for someone, buy them an ABATE membership or a new ABATE t-shirt. Itís been a good year!

                   Ride Within Your Limits,

November 2013

    Hi Friends,

   Well, we are down to 2 months left in the year and the fatalities are rising faster than the accidents.

    2013     Crashes 1955  /   Fatalities 101

    2012     Crashes 4152  /   Fatalities 152

    Crashes are about Ĺ the level of last year but fatalities are ? of last year. I know in my area I see a lot of 30 day tags. That tells me the sales are on. People are buying and not getting trained, and newer and bigger bikes can add to the risk. Talk to your friends if they are not riding properly. This can be tricky and you need to pick the right time and place but in the long run, it will make everyone safer and help with presenting a good image in the citizenís eyes.

    Anyone that did not take the opportunity to go to the Meeting of the Minds missed a lot of good information. I tried to concentrate on the safety and education seminars and it seems that everyone is like us, working the statistics of the accidents. I found out I can have more access to accident reports and hope to dig down into the data on fatalities next year. I would like to report more of the causes of the accidents. One thing I got from other states is that we all have a lot of single vehicle accidents. Also, unlicensed and uninsured bikers are a big problem everywhere. It was very interesting to talk to other bikers from around the country and find out our problems are all the same. Some very smart people are working to keep motorcycling free.

    Now that winter is setting in we wonít have any long rides, so we can all go to our respective region meetings. This is where the rides and get togethers are planned for next year. Go put your two cents worth in - make a difference. If you want your ride to be a success, you should start passing out flyers at the January swap meets.

    Last of all, everyone be safe out there. When you put all that warm weather gear on, donít forget you may move a little slower. And even though your bike has been good, itís been a long season. Keep checking her before every ride.

Happy Thanksgiving!

                   Ride Within Your Limits,

September 2013

   Hi Friends,

    We are still trending better this year in our accident and fatality rates. This means to me we are reaching people with our message. Keep up the good workÖ..

1,081 for 2103 vs 3,108 for 2012

51 for 2013 vs 120 for 2012

    An e-mail I received indicated the most fatalities are happening in Franklin and Hamilton counties. Region directors can contact me for more information or I will have more information at the next BOD meeting.

    I just ordered more yard signs and this tells me that people feel that this is something that works. I hope everyone is pushing signs as an inexpensive way to remind your neighbors to watch for you. I sent out safety material to several people and I am always happy to do so. If you need items to give out at runs and canít locate any, call me. I have stuff.

    Today I rode in one of my favorite charity rides benefiting the Shriners. Every year we have a meeting and plan the route. Someone rides the route and looks for safety issues. Shovel and broom in hand, we clean stones off corners, pick up trash, note intersections that might need special attention and try to make the route safer where possible.

    We keep the parade section short and then send people on their own with a route sheet and check points. Parades are generally more dangerous, even with an escort, if all driving laws are not obeyed.

    We are still experiencing a lot of annoying rain. But, when we get a good couple of days together, we love riding down to the Ohio river. We actually have ridden the whole length of the Ohio River on the Ohio side and most of the other side. On the Ohio side there are many river towns with plenty to do. We like to find an area just to sit and watch the barges. We also enjoy seeing the river traffic go through the locks. We have mentioned before how much we enjoy the murals on the flood wall in Portsmouth and now we are seeing more towns with amazing murals. Steubenville has quite a few large murals in town. Email me if you know where a good mural is located. I would like to do an article this winter on murals in Ohio.

    I have already been working on the Awareness Rally for next year. Iím making contacts for ways to get more attention. Put May 3, 2014 on your calendar so you can ride with us Ė you may be on TV!

                   Ride Within Your Limits,

June 2013

   Hi Friends,

    For the last few days I have been watching the news, papers and magazines and everyone is reporting that ďtexting killsĒ. We have known this for some time. With the new laws it should get better but we know that it takes time. With drinking and driving it never ends. We need to keep aware of distracted drivers, drunk drivers and tired drivers, be alert and drive defensively.

    My safety tip of the month:

  • The way you load your bike is very important. Keep the weight low and in between the wheels. In planning the trip, take half as much as you think you need. Remember the last trip and what you did not use.

       Letís talk about being a good ABATE member. First and foremost you need to support the organizationís runs. You donít have to hold an office or even go to meetings if thatís not your thing. If you go to any motorcycle function, wear an ABATE shirt, hand out some membership tri-folds, or just tell people that you get your facts about safety & legislative issues from belonging to ABATE and getting the Outspokin magazine. We need all the help we can get. Everyone who rides a motorcycle needs to be informed about issues and just being a member is a good start.

       This month, I am promoting riding to June Jam. If you donít already know, it is just outside of Logan in Hocking Hills. I bet everyone reading this has ridden through Hocking Hills as itís one of the prettiest places to ride in Ohio. The event is at Kaeppnerís Woods, which is a great place to party. There are plenty of food vendors and they sell beer on site so you donít have to leave for anything. Just bring a tent if you want to party all night long.

       I would like to thank everyone who went to the Awareness Rally to kick off Motorcycle Awareness Month. We had a great time. I thought it looked like about 450 bikes rode in the parade to the Statehouse. That was pretty impressive. Thanks to the Columbus Police Department, Ohio State Highway Patrol and Delaware County Sheriff for escorting us and keeping us all safe. Tim Cordray was the winner of a set of Avon tires that were raffled off. Thanks to Ken Howell for getting the donation from Avon tires. Also, thanks to the ABATE Foundation for supplying Awareness Arm Bands for everyone.

       ABATE was awarded the grant for a sound meter, but we donít actually have the meter yet. When we do, we will have it at events to check bikes.

       Ride safe, be alert and I will see you around this great State of Ohio!

                       Ride Within Your Limits,

  • May 2013

       Hi Friends,

    I'll start with stats:

  • 2013
    Fatalities = 5
    Crashes = 66

  • 2012
    Fatalities = 16
    Crashes = 593

        We are off to a good start!

        When this magazine comes out we will all be at the State Awareness Rally. This rally kicks off May as Motorcycle Awareness Month.

        Everyone needs to get their ďLook Twice Save A LifeĒ signs out of the garage and put them in your yard. If you donít have one or if yours is in bad shape, get a new one. Also make sure the yellow ďLook Out For MotorcyclesĒ magnet is on the back of your car.

        I am headed to Region 5 on Sunday, 4/14, to talk to their Region meeting. I hope to see many ABATE members there. The more we talk about safety the safer we will be. Education is the way to spread awareness.

        Last month I talked about places to ride in Ohio. In my area of the state, Northwest Ohio, we are kind of flat but we still have some great riding areas. The Maumee River gives us some great scenery. Starting in Defiance, we take Rt 424 to Napoleon, taking in the river dams and little parks along the way. Napoleon has several good restaurants. You can then travel on either side of the river to Grand Rapids, a quaint village with unique shops, restaurants, a historic canal boat and an old mill. Along the way there are many spots to stop and go for a walk or just view the river. After leaving Grand Rapids you travel to Waterville. At Otsego Park along the way you can rent canoes. Waterville also has a great downtown area with shops and restaurants. Continuing on you come to Maumee and then Perrysburg, both larger historical towns. Perrysburg is home to Fort Meigs where they have reenactments of battles during different times of the year. You can also go into Toledo along the river and visit the new casino or go to a Mud Hens game.

        For my safety tip of the month, I think everyone should go to a large parking lot (I do it early in the morning) and practice panic stops, slow riding and figure eights to get your handling down.

        Donít forget to get your bike blessed. That always helps also.

        See you at June Jam! Itís always a good time.
                       Ride Within Your Limits,

  • March 2013

    Hi Friends,

        I will start this month, as always, with motorcycle crash and fatality statistics. In 2013 we have had 14 crashes vs 97 at this time last year. There have been 2 fatalities already vs 6 last year. With the winter being worse this year, there hasnít been many bikes on the roads yet. When you do get out, please be careful.

       The Motorcycle Awareness ride is not too far away. The first Saturday in May (4th) is when we gather on the Statehouse steps and proclaim motorcycle season is on! Donít put off asking for Proclamations from city and village mayors. If you need an example of one, contact me by phone (419-654-5446) or e-mail ( and Iíll get one to you.

       I would like to spend some time promoting the State of Ohio this month. My wife and I have traveled many miles in this state and there are still so many things we havenít seen. For instance, we plan on going to Marietta this year to see a statue called Start Westward that was designed by the same man who designed Mount Rushmore. We have been to Marietta a couple times but did not realize this statue was there. When we go, we will try to arrange our trip around an ABATE function that will be happening in the area.

       Each month in my article I would like to feature other places around the state that are interesting and would be something to see. I would like people to e-mail me ( what they have seen or what may be in their backyard that others many miles away may not know about. This month I am going to talk about a couple places we have been.

       The first is the flood wall in Portsmouth. Along the Ohio River they have painted a mile long series of murals that are amazing. We have been there at least 4 times and we are always taking new people there. The murals are professionally done and depict life along the river, a long time ago and now. One of my favorite murals is of the Portsmouth Motorcycle Club, the oldest motorcycle club in the Nation!

       I often have people ask me if I have traveled ďThe Dragonís TailĒ and I tell them no, but have you ever traveled Route 555 right here in Ohio? Most tell me no. My two favorite rides in Ohio are Route 9 and Route 555 (The Triple Nickel). They both are in southeast Ohio and have many hills and twists and turns. Fun stuff!

       The last place I will talk about this month is the Ohio Fallen Heroes Memorial in Sunbury. This memorial honors Ohio Military killed in the war on terrorism. As many of us are veterans, itís important to remember those who have given their lives for our freedoms. This is a well done memorial that I hope doesnít ever get filled all the way up.

       Well, let me know your favorite places and Iíll let everyone else know. In future columns Iíll try to give you tips for keeping safe as you explore the state on 2 wheels.


    January 2013

    Hi All,

        2012 statistics are not finalized yet but they are mostly done. The trend is good. In 2012 there were 3,779 crashes vs. 3,965 in 2011. In 2012 there were 159 fatalities vs. 166 in 2011. Letís keep up the good work and keep the trend going down. Iím working on maps of the state that will show the high fatality areas. Working with these we should be able to educate people to be extra aware in these areas. Stay tuned each month for dangerous areas.

        The National Transportation Safety Board has taken motorcyclists off the top ten safety problem list. For the past few years we have made this top ten. We feel we have proven that helmets and protective clothing will not solve the fatality problem, only education and awareness will make a difference.

        Ralph Buss had a very good article in Ride On magazine about the importance of watching out for Amish buggies. Please slow down and pass them with caution in your car as well as on your bike. Also be careful as you approach them coming at you. You just never know what a horse will do. Oh yes, that horse residue along the side of the road is slippery.

        Now that winter is on us hard (itís cold!), sit down with friends and riding partners to plan your trips. We have been known to find a great condo deal on the internet, stay for several days and ride in all directions out of there.

        If you are storing your bike, it is good to know the moisture in that area. If the area has a lot of moisture, purchase some Humydry. Never cover your bike with plastic, let it breathe. Never leave you kickstand (jiffystand) sitting on concrete. Put wood or plastic under it and you will save your battery and electronics.

        I was reading a bike mag and in it they said that if you are broken down along the road, put a white bandana on your left mirror to signal that you need help. Well, that may help but as a biker, I will stop or slow down and check on every bike stopped alongside the road. A true biker should not need to see a bandana - Letís be a Brother.

        If you are reading this article instead of being at the State Seminar, check with your Region officers at the next meeting to get the latest news. Or you can wait for the next Outspokin where more info will be given.

        If you would like to have a speaker at your meeting, please give me a call and I will come. We need to keep the work alive to be responsible and ride safe. Call me if you need anything.

                    Ride Within Your Limits,

    December 2012

    Hi Friends,

        We are still ahead of the game when it comes to motorcycle accidents and fatalities. We have 3113 crashes as of 11.5.12 vs. 3805 at this time last year. So far this year there have been 152 fatalities vs. 159 last year. Letís keep trying to bring those numbers down. Back in the day, we all rode hard and partied hard, but there were fewer cars and fewer motorcycles on the roads. This is a new day. We need to be responsible and watch out for each other.

        We visited Region 8ís meeting in October and presented the Three Rís program, which talks about responsibility. There was a lot of discussion about motorcycle awareness and ways we can make ourselves more present. I would like more regions to contact me to give this presentation at their meeting. It takes 30 - 45 minutes and everyone seems to get some benefit from it. It would be great to get more young people to do this so they can see that we are concerned with the future of motorcycling, their future, and that organizations like ABATE are a way to preserve our freedom. Winter is a good time to take the time to discuss safety and awareness so when spring hits, weíre all ready for it. Please contact me with available dates.

        Motorcycle Awareness is a year round thing. Although we have snow days here, there are still people who ride well into the cold weather. Also, people go south and ride, for example to Daytona. Talk about "Motorcycle Awareness" with your friends. Discuss it with people you meet other places (since politics is over and no one has anything else to talk about), attend motorcycle functions and try to sign up a new member whenever you can.

        One function you can attend is the State Seminar and Awards Banquet the first weekend in February. Iím looking for a young person to receive the Young Personís Award. It can be anyone who has helped ABATE in a region or county. If you know a young person who deserves to be recognized, please call me with the information.

        Letís talk about storage. You should store your bike with a full tank of gas. Clean it and at the same time be looking for any broken or worn parts. Swap meets are a good way to find parts you may need. Set your bike on its center stand or on a lift and open all the saddle bags & compartments, and take out anything which can mildew.

        I am on a special committee and we want to improve our advertising of parties and events. If anyone knows who to contact regarding advertising, via e-mail, web sites, TV, radio, placemats, special booklets, travel guides, whatever, please e-mail me or call me with the information. or 419- 654-5446 Thanks for your help.

        I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with family and friends. We have a lot for which to be thankful.

        Ride Within Your Limits
        ABATE of Ohio, Inc.
        Safety & Education Director

    October 2012

    Hi Friends,

        I hope all bikers are working hard to stay safe because if they are, itís working. So far this year, 2712 crashes with 120 fatalities vs 2011 that had 3053 crashes with 132 fatalities. Keep pushing and talking Riding Safe!

        We are getting close to the end of the road construction season. Donít forget that fresh blacktop is slippery when wet and wet leaves on the road are very slippery. In cooler weather we wear more clothes, including gloves and stocking caps, that restrict our sight and movement more than normal. Keep this in mind and give yourself a little more time to react to situations.

        In Ohio as of August 31, teenagers under 18 cannot use electronic devices in the car, even at traffic stops and in traffic jams. It is a primary offense so they can be stopped for it. The first offense costs $150 and the second one is $300. If you are over 18, you cannot text while driving and that is a secondary offense.

        Beginning in October, Driverís Education classes will be given online by the state. To the best of my understanding, you will still be able to send your kids to a school if you wish. We are working on a way to still give Motorcycle Awareness programs in some form to the kids. Feel free to call me if you have any questions.

        Letís get those new calendars up and running and mark the State Seminar on February 2, 2013. It is always a good time so plan on attending. While you are at it, mark the State Awareness Rally on May 4, 2013 and put in your order for a sunny and warmer weather forecast.

        When we are out at these last runs and swap meets of the year, wear your ABATE clothing and talk about ABATE. Let new riders know that we are the organization that keeps riding FREE! If everyone could sign up one new person, we would be twice as strong! Also, watch for the ďLook Twice Save A LifeĒ billboards. They are electronic and they will be coming to your area. The current locations are listed on the web site. Call me when you see one. 419-654-5446

        Iím on my way to Region 8 on Sunday,the 7th of October, if you would like to say Hi or give me some flack. The time and place is in Region 8ís report.

        Thatís it for now. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and well wishes. Kay and I are up and running, but the bike is taking a little longer. Sheíll be done soon though.

        Ride Within Your Limits,

    September 2012

    Hi Friends,

        Letís get straight to the facts. Last year to date we had 2433 motorcycle crashes and 106 fatalities. This year so far we have 2196 crashes and 105 fatalities. We are having less crashes but just as many fatalities. We need to keep up our guard.

        My wife and I feel fortunate we are in the crash statistic and not the fatality statistic. We were on vacation in Southern Indiana and having a great time. We found road construction and it went on for miles and miles. A temporary stop sign on a sweeping curve had been moved and I did not see it. As my co-pilot always helps me, she hollared to stop as soon as she saw it but it was too late. A semi was turning left in front of us and I could not pull out of the counter move with all of the loose gravel. I laid it down but did not hit the semi. We spent the afternoon in the emergency room. After getting stiches, staples and bandaged, we were released. My bike has about $4,000 worth of damage, which you all know is not that much. Being the Macho Man that I am, I broke the windshield with my face, shoved my chest into the bent handlebars and cushioned my wife as I broke her fall. Needless to say, our vacation was over. My sister and brother-in-law picked us and the bike up the next day and we are getting back to normal. We are back to work and I have started repairing my bike in my garage.

        When something like this happens, you find out how many great people there are in this country. We had nurses offering to drive us to the motel because we had no ride. The motel only charged us one day even though we could not check out until 6pm. They also took Kay to get pizza (pizza will fix anything :) because this town did not have pizza delivery. I didnít know places existed like that anymore! The place that towed the bike handled her gently and did not overcharge us, and helped get it loaded in our trailer.

        We want to thank John & Ruby for a great 3 days prior to the accident. They had already headed home prior to the accident and we were heading to KY. Ruby found a Bed & Breakfast called Gardenís Inn in Bedford, IN that only allows bikers to stay there. This was our first experience at a B&B and we would highly recommend it to anyone. They went out of their way to make our stay great, including fantastic breakfasts and desserts, maps to ride destinations in the area, indoor bike parking, and dinner out at a local steakhouse. After the accident, Kay needed help because I could not do anything and the owners, Mike and Roxie, changed all of their plans, drove 35 miles south to pick us up at the hospital, take Kay to the pharmacy, made sure the bike was secure and took pictures, and helped us find a way home. Their kindness showed what bikers are all about.

        Now for the moral of the story. First, an accident can happen to anyone at anytime so you have to try to be prepared. Kay, Harley and I have all taken the riders course (me 3 times, once with my Dad when he was in his 60ís and he had been riding his entire life) and the things it teaches you really do help. You learn maneuvering and braking techniques, among other things, and can practice them in a safe environment. Kay is a 100% better passenger since she took the course. Second, be hyper-aware of your surroundings in construction, or avoid it if possible. We were going under the posted speed limit and in construction and traffic and still had an accident. Thatís what it was though, an accident. I was not cited because I did not do anything wrong. There were just too many damn stones. The injuries to us and the bike were not too bad, and weíll be back in the saddle before you know it.

        This month we are going to start planning the State Seminar. If anyone has any ideas, let me and Woody know. Start planning to attend in Feb, 2013.

        Thank you and everyone ride safe. Call if you need anything.

        Ride Within Your Limits,

    August 2012

    Hi Friends,

        I would like to apologize for not having an article last month. I just procrastinated one to many days. I have a great story about procrastination for later.

        Now to the facts. In 2011 there were 80 fatalities and 1,682 injuries to motorcyclists. For the same time period in 2012, there have been 67 fatalities and 1,612 injuries to motorcyclists. If anyone talks to a group or even one person, make sure the message is to ďRIDE SAFEĒ and be responsible. We can save lives if we just stop and think.

        I hope everyone has had a great summer so far. Up here in Northwest Ohio it has been great, hot humid and dry. What can we do to be safe in this weather:

  • 1. Keep yourself hydrated.
  • 2. Wear light colored clothing on a sunny day. DO NOT wear shorts & flip flops, they are not good for those hot pipes.
  • 3. Clean out your air cleaner. Bugs do make their way in. No air = bad performance.
  • 4. Check your fluids often. In hot weather they break down faster.
  • 5. Make it a short day or leave early and take some breaks.

        Itís already August and time to start thinking about the State Seminar in February. While we are still riding we can think of new topics, make plans for attending with our friends and figuring out how we can contribute. Keep your eye out for more information in the Sept magazine.

        We just had a great June Jam and I think next year will be even bigger and better. It just seemed that everyone who attended had so much fun and that is what it takes to make a GREAT State party.

        Okay, Iím going to close for now. If anyone wants me to show up at a region meeting this fall, call me and start planning now. In August I just might surprise someone and show up at their meeting, so be ready!

        Ride within your limits

  • June 2012

    Hi Friends,

        Starting with this article and for the rest of the year, I will be giving you the statistics for fatalities year to date compared to last year. In 2012, January 1 to May 11, we have had 667 crashes, 573 injured, and 23 DEATHS, in 2011, January 1 to May 11, there were 552 crashes, 428 injured, and 20 DEATHS. This is 3 more than last year . We need to make it much lower. These statistic are for Ohio and are correct to the best of my fact finding. Starting soon I will be posting county stats on the the web site.

        As good freedom fighters that we are, lets inform everyone that we need to be AWARE not only as motorists but bikers as well. This is the time to let the motorists know we are everywhere, and check out your fellow biker. If you see someone not doing it safely, talk to them, maybe they donít know they are not using their turn signal properly.

        To everyone that made the trip to Columbus for the Awareness Ride, I would like to thank every one of you. It was a great day - no rain and the sun did come out. Losing our Columbus police and state highway patrol escorts made the day a little trying, but with Jim Elginís hard work and Delaware Sheriffs great help and giving us extra help , it all worked out. And with our fellow motorcyclists riding as safely as they did, it was a great day.

        Now for some thank yous. I would like to thank Bob Secrest from the Motorcycle Ohio Program for coming out and saying a few words and the T-shirts that he threw out [ Harley throws like a girl ]. He is always there for us. Sam McCoy and the Brothers Forgiven for coming out and giving our prayer and blessing the bikes for our safe ride. And a great big thanks to everyone that pitches in every year and makes it a great run. You know who you are, THANK YOU!!!

        Every article I bring up the yard signs. Every year I bring up yard signs on the State House steps. The first year about a handful of people said they have signs, the next year two handfuls, this year I was impressed, a lot of hands came up. Now lets start on your neighbors . Push those signs. THANK YOU!!!

        We have a lot of volunteers going into drive ed schools and talking about Motorcycle Awareness. That is our first line to get to kids and make them aware. But if I told you that the state wants to give drivers training on the internet, what would you think? We will lose our chance to have a face to face about Motorcycle Awareness. At this time it is in committee and it is HB487. When you talk to your state representative let them know that new drivers can get very little practical knowledge from a computer. Let us talk to them.

        In Northwestern Ohio we have a friend in the Charles Boyk Law Firm. They have been helping with hand-outs and advertising in spreading the word about Motorcycle Awareness and safe motorcycling. They have a Motorcycle accident handbook that can be very helpful. We will be seeing them around at our events.

        I had a great time at Region 9. It was a sunny day and nice number of members came out to the meeting. We talked about safety and education and covered the 3Rís program. I was going to show the power point program but it was too sunny out and no one wanted to go inside, so I will go back again. Thanks again for having me.

        Something that I have been over hearing when Iím not on the bike but at work and around is about our image out on the road. We already know that we are bunch of bad asses, so lets donít portray ourselves as such when we are around non-bikers. In town letís think before we act regarding noise, speed and behavior. Have fun but think about our image.

        At the BOD meeting, the subject of pictures came up. It got me to thinking so I went to the ABATE web site and took a look at the pics posted on there. TJ has done a great job. Send him more and thank him for the great job the next time you see him. For some reason I just never looked our pics and even found myself in there.

        Ok Iím done for this month. I hope to see you on the road and Iíll be out with the roadshow in a couple of places next month.

        Ride within your limits

    Hi Friends,

        Well now it is April and one month away from the big kick off to our riding season - May is National Motorcycle Awareness Month. First everyone needs to out on Saturday, May, 5th, and attend the Awareness Ride. Second you need to get your Look Twice Save Life sign out in your front yard. Third you need to get up early one morning and go down to a big parking lot and practice your panic stops and maneuverability skills. And fourth , which should be first, check that bike over and make sure you are ready to take on a SAFE riding season.

        More about the Awareness Ride. This ride is to get the word out that we are back on the road. Get a proclamation and bring it to Columbus to be acknowledged on the State House steps. Check out the flier in this magazine to get all the info. Hope to see you !!

        This comes up every riding season, do you have good insurance and do you have an endorsement. Check your license plate for this years sticker and check to see if you have your registration and proof of insurance in your bike. If you are not endorsed, get registered and get it DONE. To register go on-line to Ē MOTORCYCLEOHIO.COM ď or call 800-837-4337. A story; a friend of mine never had an endorsement and would never go on all day or overnight runs. I could never figure out why then it came out he had not gotten an endorsement. I got him signed up and done. Now he goes everywhere and has a lot more fun.

        June Jam is going to be a big time event. Lets get up in the top of the garage and get that camping gear down. Get your shĒt, I mean stuff, together and we will have a GREAT TIME !

        This month Saturday, April 21st, 2pm, I will have a booth at the Blacktop Blues Racing, Rhythm And Rock Tour at Headlinerís in Toledo. There will be live music from local bands and the band Red Wanting Blues, food, vendors and a Stunt show at 3pm, 5pm and 7pm. Come out and enjoy. For more info check your Outspokin for the ad or call me.

        Thatís it for this month. Hope to see everyone on the road and at functions. Anything I can help with, give me a call. I do have open dates for the 3-Rs presentation. Thank you !

        Ride Within Your Limits,

    Hi Friends,

        Took a little road trip, went to the Michigan State SeminarÖ what a great time. It is run differently than ours. It is a three day meeting, Friday night is region coordinators meetings, Saturday is awareness and legislative( a lot of good stuff) and Sunday is general membership meeting. No banquet but one great party Saturday evening. Thanks Region 18!

        Our next State get together is the 2012 Awareness Rally, May 5th, Saturday. Start making plans. We need a lot of bikes & more Proclamations than we ever had, and the Governor to come out and speak to us. Wouldnít that be the best day ever? It can happen if all start planning now. Put it on your calendars now. We have a new road show. The first part will cover motorcycle awareness, and the second part will be on alcohol awareness. The second part on alcohol awareness is from the MRFís 3Rís program. This program will get your attention and itís another way to promote safe motorcycling. This program will not take over for the use of breathalyzer and drunk goggles. Any region that would like to see this program, get in touch with me. I will travel. It only takes a phone call or e-mail.

        To anyone that is in the Driverís Ed schools promoting motorcycle awareness, get in touch with me, we have new updates for you. We had a meeting at the seminar and weíre going to be staying in touch a little better.

        Letís make 2012 a safe year. That means getting out and promoting motorcycle awareness, and yes, getting a Look Twice and Save a Life sign in every front yard.

        Ride Within Your Limits,

    Hi Friends,

        Since you will be getting this at the end of the year, let me give you a few facts. In 2010 there were 416,000 registered bikes in Ohio and 2011 will be about the same. As of December 13, there have been 165 motorcycle deaths in 2011 as compared to 168 motorcycle deaths in 2010, a decrease of only 3. Near the end of summer, the decrease had been as much as 12. What happened? Don't forget to come to the State seminar and you will be able to get information to help motorcyclists be safer. We need to keep working at being safe.

        If you have a friend getting their first bike or a bike after a long time of not riding, convince and help them to get into the Motorcycle Ohio Program. This will help them be a good rider and they get their endorsement at the completion of the course. Sign up for the course starts early in the year for the summer of 2012 so check Motorcycle Ohio's website for dates.

        The winter is a great time to get your bike up straight and clean it good. At the same time, hunt for worn parts, broken parts and missing parts. Then you can repair it (or get ti repaired) before Spring.

        Everyone have a great winter and I will see you at the State Seminar. Be Safe (even in your 4 wheeler).

        Ride Within Your Limits,

    May 2011...

        Hi Friends,

        Last month I started by saying ďHope everyone is getting ready for the Motorcycle Awareness RallyĒ. This month I want to askÖDid everyone have a great ride to Columbus? I hope you did. (It has not happened yet so I will let you know how mine was next month)

        Iím starting to plan some new places to ride to. Get your map out (not your GPS) and plan a fun trip. The kind of roads you like to travel, GPS will not find those roads for you. Then plan that same trip on a safe road for when the weather changes and you just need to get there. And to make it an enjoyable trip, always take the right gear with you. ďRide SmartĒ My non-motorcycle friends ask me why I ride in all that rain, sleet and crap. Well, I always say; If you have to ask, you will never understand.

        Donít forget that May is Motorcycle Awareness Month. LOOK TWICE and SAVE A LIFE. Actually, every month should be Awareness Month so pass the word to Look Twice and Save a Life. If you donít have a sign in your yard you are not doing enough. Fill out the order form in this Outspokin and help the cause.

        Last thing and Iím done. To all my AMA Life Member Brothers and Sisters, if you donít get your magazine anymore, call AMA and ask about the Life Members Plus Program, 800-AMA-JOIN.

        Ride Within Your Limits,

    April 2011

        Hi Friends,

        Itís almost AprilÖ.what a great month! Itís when I start putting the miles on. Letís get out & ride! Saturday, April 30th is the Awareness Rally at the Statehouse in Columbus. Itís from 9:30 am until around 1:00 pm, so it wonít take your whole Saturday. We need everyone thereÖdonít let the weather stop you.

        Iím still hunting for instructors for Driverís Ed Programs. John Shankster from Region 4 got started last month. Thanks for your help, John. If anyone else is interested, please give me a call. I am planning a meeting for all instructors in April. RSVP me if you can attend. The month will go by fast!

        I would like to come to region and/or county meetings. If you have time for me to talk, letís schedule a date and time. I would also like to know about Bike Nites and other ABATE events around the state. If you can, include me in your e-mail.

        When my wife is riding on the back of my motorcycle, she loves to see ďLook Twice, Save a LifeĒ yard signs. The further we are from home the better. Itís a small connection with whoever lives in that house. Last year we sold about 1,000 signs. This year we would like to sell even more. Now, we can personalize the signs for companies or groups who buy multiple signs. One new way to remember lost motorcyclists is to put ďIn Loving Memory of ____________Ē on the bottom of signs. Friends and family are buying these signs to put in the yards of their houses. It is a nice memorial.

        I would like to thank everyone for the Lifetime Achievement Award I received at the seminar. This organization and our cause is something I really believe in. Thank you all!

        If you need anything, I am available at 419-654-5446 or

        Ride Within Your Limits,

    February 2011

        Hi Friends,

        The next riding season is almost here. March 20, 2011, 7:21pm is the first day of spring! I just finished a major service on my bike so she is ready to go. If you have not taken the Motorcycle Ohio Riderís Course, or if itís been a long time since you have taken it, itís time to sign up and get off to a good start.

        This year we need to talk to more Drivers Ed students to get the Motorcycle Awareness message out to every last one of them. If anyone is interested in talking to the kids, I will meet with you and the teacher/administrator and help you get started. Most of the time, it is only a couple nights a month. I would like to get everyone teaching the same program. I would like to plan a meeting in April in the Columbus area for all instructors, new, old & interested. RSVP me or contact the state office for info.

        A great way to get involved in your community is with the Ride Smart Program. There is a lot of informational material that is easy to sell. If you are interested, get in touch with me and I can help you get signs, bumper stickers, banners and free handouts. This year the state is campaigning ďRight GearĒ. Letís work it.

        Last but not least is the Awareness Rally. This year it is Saturday, April 30th. Contact your elected officials and have them issue a proclamation that May is Motorcycle Awareness Month. This is a great way to let everyone know that we are back on the road and riding again.

        If you need anything, call (419-654-5446) or e-mail ( me and I will get back to you.

        Ride Within Your Limits,

    Motorcycle Safety Checklist (.PDF File)
    Checklist (.JPG File)