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County Meeting
(All Meetings are at 6:30 P.M., unless otherwise posted.)
Trumbull & Mahoning County Meeting
Masters Bar & Grill
1675 Trumbull Ave., Girard, Oh. 44420
Saturday, February 20, 2016 at 6:30pm

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2016 Trumbull & Mahoning County Officers:
County Coordinator
Jeff Beatty

(330) 647-8420
Angie Beggs

Legistlative Director

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Ron Hart


    Happy New Year everyone. I hope everyone is sticking to their New Yearís resolutions. I hope that one of them will be to attend all of our ABATE meetings. We had a last minute change of venue of our last meeting, so we tried to email or call every single member to notify them. If anyone was missed, I would personally like to apologize, especially, if you wanted to come to the meeting and were not able to because of the change. I canít say enough about Masterís Bar and Grill for accommodating us at the last minute. Our meeting this month, Saturday, January 16th starting at 6:30, and also Februaryís will be held at Masterís Bar and Grill located at 1675 Trumbull Ave in Girard. It is on the corner of Trumbull Ave. and Belmont Ave. If you have any questions about directions, always feel free to give me a call and I would be happy to coach you in. We also have a special guest speaker, Senator Capri Cafaro, thanks to Lion Man. Please come and show your support of ABATE.

    Jeff Beatty
   Ph. 330-647-8420

    Hi All. I hope everyone had a great Holiday Season and your New Year is off to a great start. I canít remember (in Ohio anyway) the last time I was able to ride on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Yearís day but I did this year. But as I type this it is back to reality! Me, my bones and my joints (the kind inside the body) all hate the cold more and more every year! But have no fear, I am sure that the government is looking to cook up new regulations and laws that will get you hot under the collar during these cold winter days! And I will be at the meetings to let you know far enough in advance what they are doing so you can all do something about it.

    Due to state, region and county events we will have several months this year where there will be no meetings; so it is imperative to your informational maturity and stability to attend the meetings you can. Additionally I will attempt to have legislators at every meeting I possibly can and it is essential that we exhibit support to them if we expect them to support us. Our support to them is as simple as showing up to provide an audience to listen to what they have to say. I hope you will all help to give our speakers favorable impressions of what we are all about.

    This month we will be honored to have Senator Capri Cafaro attend our meeting. As you all know Senator Cafaro has been a stanch supporter of ABATE for over a decade. She has provided us with invaluable information and worked side by side with us to further motorcycle interests. Unfortunately, due to term limits, Senator Cafaro is entering her last year in the Ohio Senate. In all likelihood this could be the Senatorís last visit with us in her senatorial capacity. She will be coming to tell us what is going on in Columbus, how she plans on finishing this phase of her work and give us a heads up as to what her future endeavors might be. I hope our attendance at the meeting will demonstrate to her our deep appreciation for all she has done to support and further our cause. Please show up to display our thanks to her.

   Hey itís too cold to ride and who wants to invite cabin fever inside already this year. We will be waiting for you at Masterís Bar and Grill 1675 Trumbull Ave. Girard.


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