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Saturday, Sept. 16, 2003
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330 428-2083
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Keith Roller

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Ed Schetter

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"Re-Shootin" the Breeze

  by "Bummer"   RIP

A Trip down Memory Lane. . . .   October 2002

July 2023

    Randy Kibler, Region Zero Director

    Happy July,

    I hope all have had a chance to get on two wheels and enjoy themselves. As of this writing, I have had my '76 FLH back on the street for a couple days since our accident last July which has felt glorious.

    All sorts of political and agitator talking heads speak of green energy and how it's the wave of the future. That's cool and all, but it's not very green if you have to build a facility with diesel powered heavy equipment, then hire a bunch of employees that drive gasoline and diesel powered vehicles back and forth to work at the facility. This is why I own and ride vintage motorcycles. They are already made and the aftermarket has us covered because dealerships and the factory are only concerned with selling the newest current products and don't have any parts besides tires and fluids for our old rides.

    I hear people quite often say, "They don't make 'em like they used to." Why is that? I believe it is because we live in a throwaway society where it is more convenient for someone to trash something and buy new because the skills and knowledge just aren't being passed along quick enough. If the skills are being passed along, are our ears and eyes open to it, or are we more concerned with what is coming out of our cell phones and internet? And where does that trash go? It doesn't just disappear.

    For those that know me I have a huge chip on my shoulder for H-D. I own their products that were produced prior to '84 because I think they are cheaper, built better, and have more soul. I can buy a handful of running Shovelheads that are cheaper than any new bike. I'm sure plenty of people will disagree, but if you haven't ridden an old bike you are surely missing out.

    Speaking of throwaway societies, how about all of these cage operators pulling in front of motorcyclists causing the motorcyclists to get thrown off? It's happening at an unprecedented rate. This is why we at ABATE are pushing our legislators for stiffer punishments for Right-of-Way infractions. Operating automobiles is a perishable skill that many take for granted by distracting themselves with phones, radios, food, applying make-up, etc... Motorcyclists are not exempt from this either.

    Until next time, as long as someone doesn't pull in front of me you'll be getting more of my rants. Take care everyone and enjoy!!

    Keith Roller ... Deputy Director

    I hope everyone has had an opportunity to put some miles on their bikes while the weather has been cooperating. My wife and I have logged well over 7,000 miles so far this year, and in a few weeks, we will be embarking on a trip of over 6,000 miles that will take us to the Pacific Northwest and back.

    Unfortunately, we keep seeing news stories of cage drivers ignoring the right of way of bikers. I was also pushed by a negligent driver out of my lane in front of traffic that was traveling much faster than me when riding through Indianapolis. I was lucky that the gap between cars was sufficient to avoid a collision. And let's not forget the Teddy Foltz run.

    Right of way laws that are being promoted by ABATE will have an impact on this, but education of the ignorant and diligence on our part is paramount to improving overall safety. Please be careful.

    Lion Man, Legislative Director 330.718.3066

    I am finishing up my preparations to begin working on getting a bill introduced regarding anti-profiling. Almost every state represented at the NCOM meeting is working on the same issues. I will have more information on this bill after I talk to some Ohio Representatives and Senators about this.

    Right of Way bills are also becoming more of an issue across the country as many states are seeing an increase of motorcycle, bicycle riders as well as pedestrians. There is a lot to do before we can get involved with creating a bill for this needed issue. More on this issue later.

    I have suggested at previous meetings for everyone to investigate Issue one, which will be on the ballot on the special August election on August 8th. In case you have not, I want to give you a brief explanation of why this is such an important election. Issue one is the only issue on the ballot. Previous August elections suggests that there will be a very low turnout, and yet this is a very, very important issue.

    Called the 60% Vote Requirement to Approve Constitutional Amendments Measure it is a legislatively referred constitutional amendment.

    This amendment would require a 60% majority from voters, to approve an amendment to the constitution. Currently, Ohio requires a simple majority requirement from voters to approve a constitutional amendment. This amendment would also require initiative petitions proposing a constitutional amendment to be signed by at least 5% of the electors in each of Ohio's 88 counties, rather than in 44 counties that currently is the law. It still requires signatures from 10% of the electors that have voted for governor in the previous gubernatorial election. Issue One would also remove the ten day period for petitioners to gather additional signatures for a constitutional amendment if they filed an insufficient amount of signatures.

    A "yes" vote supports amending the Ohio Constitution to the 60% majority. A no vote basically leaves the requirements the same as they are now thus upholding a simple majority (50.01%).

    Nebraska becomes 33rd state to repeal mandatory helmet law! The law becomes a secondary offense, so if you are stopped for any reason then they can check to see if you meet requirements. Requirements are that any motorcyclist or passenger over age 21 who has completed a basic certification course by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation would be able to ride without a helmet, effective on January 1, 2024.

    Riders from out of state could also ride without a helmet if they have taken an equivalent course and carry proof of completion. The bill would also require riders and passengers to wear protective glasses or have a windshield on their bikes.

    Sikhs and others whose faith requires them to wear a turban or patka could soon be allowed to ride motorcycles in California without a helmet as mandated by state law, as the State Senate voted 21-8 on June 1st to grant a religious exemption for the headwear. “Freedom of religion is a core foundation of this country,” said State Senator Brian Dahle (R-Bieber), who sponsored Senate Bill 847. “We, as Americans, have the right to freely express our religion and I believe that right should equally extend to everyone.”
    Sikh turbans and patkas are considered articles of faith for believers.

    Now more on Right of Way legislation. House Bill 1112, signed into law on May 16, 2023 by the Washington Governor creates a new gross misdemeanor penalty for negligent drivers who kill “vulnerable user victims,” which can include pedestrians, cyclists, and people riding tractors, horses or motorcycles on the roadway. The traffic infraction of negligent driving in the second degree with a vulnerable user victim is effective January 1, 2025, following a public awareness campaign. A person commits the infraction if the person “operates a vehicle in a manner that is both negligent and endangers or is likely to endanger any person or property, and proximately causes great bodily harm or substantial bodily harm of a vulnerable user of a public way.” This is punishable by up to 365 days in jail, a $5,000 fine which may not be reduced below $1,000, or both. A person convicted of this crime will also lose their driving privileges for 90 days. The bill was a bipartisan effort and will allow judges, at their discretion, to hold negligent drivers to greater accountability and impose criminal penalties to protect vulnerable victims of accidents.

    From NCOM.     End of Life starting in several states. Especially with the onslaught of requirements due to the promotion of electric vehicles, end of life legislation is once again becoming more prominent. We have fought this proposed legislation before. Back then it was federal legislation that stated if your vehicle was more than 10 years old or had more than 50 thousand miles on it you could no longer register it.

    One speaker discussed that you shouldn’t keep paperwork in your saddlebags. Once you open it any law enforcement can claim that they thought they saw something in your saddlebags and use the clear site doctrine to search all your saddle bags.

    Don’t engage police officers in conversation. The U.S. Supreme has ruled that normal traffic stops last about 15 min. Law enforcement is not allowed to delay a stop longer than the infraction should take to write a citation. This ruling includes calling and waiting for a search dog to be brought to the scene. Engaging them in conversations lengthens the time they can spend at traffic stops. Talk is considered consent.

    Make sure that everyone has taken the anti-profiling survey. Very important.

    Texas, once one of the most active states in the motorcycle rights movement, stated that they had no bills reaching the house floor. (I Guess they really miss Sputnik). They said that they need many more people to show up for committee meetings and floor votes. They can only introduce bills one time in the two year session so they are stuck until the next session.

    A recent survey showed that 68% of Americans are afraid of autonomous vehicles. Up 13% since the last survey. Ford Motor Co. recently filed for a patent that will allow cars to repossess themselves. Miss a couple of payments and a system that can shut off your GPS, air conditioning or heat, cruise control, radio and can issue a loud piercing sound. It can also lock the owner out or it can drive itself to a spot for repossession and/or drive itself to an impound lot.

    A couple of meetings ago I informed you of how criminals were taking snippets of a person’s voice and using artificial intelligence to create statements to convince family members they need money quickly. To emphasis this, I was reading where Paul McCartney announced that using AI, they recreated John Lennon’s voice to create the 2021 documentary series The Beatle’s Get Back.

    And finally, not using turn signals is an arrestable offense in several states. I don’t know how I feel about that one. It is irritating but arrested? Well maybe people will start using them!

    I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Independence Day celebration. We celebrate this country’s freedom from a government that did not allow the people to have self-government. This meant that they could not govern themselves and make their own laws. They had to pay high taxes to the king. They felt that they were paying taxes to a government where they had no representation.

    Makes you wonder how far we actually have come. Ohio Issue One will take away the concept of majority rule here in Ohio. But only for citizen led petition drives to amend Ohio’s Constitution. If Issue One passes, it will take 60% + 1 to amend the constitution. If legislators want to change the constitution it will still take 50% + 1. I guess that is because ……….. No I won’t go there. This is a very, very important issue and I hope you all get out and vote on August 8th.

    Come to the next Region Zero meeting to find out more on this issue and everything else that is happening in Ohio and around the country.

    TA Brown, Road Captain   330.727.8286

    Greetings fellow Region Zero members! We had a very successful Damn Run on the 10th of June. From the positive feedback, it appears everyone enjoyed the route, the stops, and the food. Hopefully, you all had the opportunity to partake in the festivities and support your Region. I am currently putting together the ride for our second fundraiser run- the 9th annual Veterans’ Outreach run. It’s a great cause for our Region and hope you all will support it by attending the run or donating auction baskets or any other way you can for our Vets. They all helped us, now let’s help them.

    Now for somewhat of a rant. This may be purely rhetorical but have we as a riding community become a more of an ‘it’s about me” and not “we”? Reason I bring this up is, and it might just be me, but as I travel, I have noticed more and more fellow bikers/riders not really acknowledging or ignoring the “biker wave”. I’ll bet ya this month alone I’ve passed a 1,000 or so riders and would be lucky to have a 40-50% return by them. If you were passing a family member or buddy in another type vehicle, wouldn’t you wave or acknowledge them? How about if one was stopped on the side of the road or broke down? Wouldn’t you check on them? I was taught by several old veteran bikers years ago that no matter who you were or what you rode, you were “family” and family always take care of one another. I sure hope we as the biker community haven’t forgotten where we came from and the traditions of the riding “Brothers” and “Sisters” of the past. Of course, this is just my opinion… I could be wrong.

    Barb Tittle, Treasurer

    Barb will give her report at the meeting.

    Donna Sam, Membership 330.540.6210

    I hope you get something out of these newsletters we send out. Our officers seriously put a lot of thought into these articles for your benefit. (And they send them to me so I will quit nagging them when the deadline nears.) It’s also published, in part or in full, in the Outspokin’ and that can be accessed from the ABATE.com webpage. Check it out, lots of great info! And Lions’report is a stripped down version of what he gives us in person, but VERY important. So, try to catch a meeting, just to hear the full deal. If you haven’t gotten your renewal cards in a timely fashion, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. (I told you about the carrier pigeon, right?)

    Also … we have the VETERANS OUTREACH RUN coming up at Masters on July 22, would LOVE you to be there. If you can’t make the run on the bike, just come be there and hang out and help please. Maybe a donation for the basket raffle?

    Our TOP STORY TONITE is a big newsflash …. (if I could actually do the Garrett Morris voice, I would). If you don’t know who that is, I am sooooo sorry. Anyway, we are looking to move our most notorious, (to date), one and only… (actually it’s annually) WINTER MELTDOWN! I believe, and so do the other officers, that we’ve outgrown the Sail Inn. We are looking for a venue that’s easy to get to, hopefully has a kitchen and of course, A BAR! Any and all ideas, bring ‘em on!


    Full Potential Tutor Services 330.651.7944 ... call or text Dana Kibler Teacher/Professional Tutor

    Gross Plumbing in Ravenna ... 216.214.4377 ... AJ and Denise Rich-Gross ... Owner and Lifetime member of ABATE ... Sewer & Drain Cleaning, High pressure water jetting, T.V. Sewer inspection

    The Financial Concept Group ... www.thefinancialconceptgroup.com ... Jeff Cook ... Helping you take control of your life. ... www.jeffcook.juiceplus.com

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June 2023

    Randy Kibler, Region Zero Director

    Region Zero had our 16th annual "Not just another damn run" June 10th which was a wonderful time. T.A. our Road Captain planned a great route along with the card game that accompanied it. We had angus burgers and hot dogs cooked on a charcoal grill thanks to Norm Sam aka the "Angry Chef".

    Our Officers have been working diligently in their positions making sure that Region Zero operates as flawlessly and effortlessly as possible whether it is one of our events, our region newsletter, merchandise, or our monthly meetings. Nothing worth fighting for is easy or effortless, but our Members and Officers spread the load making the fight less difficult.

    Autonomous vehicles that are not looking for Motorcycles, bicycles, walkers, or general bystanders is definitely concerning. The commercials may show vehicle operators taking their hands off the wheel to clap, but in reality they"re not clapping. They are more likely playing on a phone or something else distracting. Road debris, profiling, handlebar height limits, declining fuel quality, haters of the internal combustion engine, and alternative fuels are only a few topics that we in Region Zero and throughout ABATE are addressing.

    Our next event is July 22nd which is our 9th annual "Veterans' Outreach Run". Hope to see you there, at one of our meetings, or down the road. As always take care, be safe and kind to one another.

    Keith Roller ... Deputy Director

    Tuesday May 17, members of MRF, ABATE and other concerned bikers from across 34 states descended on Capitol Hill. This year's Motorcycle Riders Foundation's (MRF) Bikers Inside the Beltway was the largest event in its 14 year history. Ed Schetter, Kolman Fuzy and I, were there to represent Ohio.

    On Monday night during our briefing, MRF's chief lobbyist, Jay Jackson, aka "Rocky", presented us with a list of 8 policy concerns with which to address our legislators. Issues included: right to repair, preserving the internal combustion engine, profiling of bikers, autonomous vehicles, ethanol mandates, the definition of a motorcycle, and the creation of a Motorcyclist Advisory Council within the Department of Transportation. In just one day all 435 members of the House of Representatives and 100 Senators received an informational packet from the Motorcycle Riders Foundation explaining who we are, what we've done, and what we want.

    Personally, I worked with Ed Schetter aka "Skeeter" and Kolman traversing several buildings and tunnels on the hill. In the morning we presented our concerns to both of our Ohio Senators' staffs and experienced a chance meeting with Senator Vance in the halls in which I briefly introduced myself and our mission.

    At 11am we headed to 3 different buildings to visit 15 Ohio Representatives. In the 15 meetings "Skeeter" did most of the work, though I managed to chime in from time to time. "Skeeter" felt it was important that I lead the meeting with my district Rep. Bill Johnson. I met Bill Johnson's aide, Connor Murphy, and presented our concerns aided by "Skeeter." That man knows his stuff. Kolman was always present, all 6 ft 3 inches of him stretched out in a chair in his very cool, chill way and of course always with sunglasses. He's not intimidating at all.

    We met many interesting people in the congressional offices. For example; Luke Graeter, senior legislative assistant for Rep. Brad Wenstrup of the 2nd district. Luke is a member of the Graeter Ice Cream family (mental note, introduce him to my daughter and if he doesn't promptly marry her protest outside his office with Handel's Ice Cream banners.) Max Colchin, the legislative correspondent for Rep. Warren Davidson of the 8th District (any relation to Willie G is unknown at this time.) Max was very sympathetic to our cause as biker himself since the age of 3. We also met personally with Rep. Tony Balderson of Ohio's 12th district. Balderson was named Champion Legislator by MRF in 2020 and awarded a cut which he proudly displayed in his office. He is an avid BMW rider and racer from his youth.

    The hill was crazy that day with protesters displaying their concern over the debt ceiling crisis. Many were managing to get arrested. Security in the building approached those of us dressed in leather vests to not go outside the building. Profiling? Again?

    But the most memorable part of the day was when Kolman and I got invited into a MEMBERS ONLY elevator and then our hostess left us a floor later. Kolman was freaked out. I mean freaked. He turned and faced the corner until we reached our floor and I assured him of the "all clear."

    E. Roller, legislative aide for Keith Roller, Asst Director

    Lion Man, Legislative Director 330.718.3066

    As I try to write this with one arm, I am also trying to get ready to pack to go to the NCOM convention in Phoenix, Arizona. I wish I had more time to be out there, or better yet to ride out like I had planned. But then I didn't expect to break my shoulder either.

    Other than fantastic information that I will gather at the convention, I will also be meeting with the national confederation of clubs to discuss the anti-profiling bill. I plan on starting this legislation ae soon as the end of this month.

    Come to the next meeting and hear what I learned at the conference and about the plan I have formulated to begin this process. Introducing legislation is not easy and getting it passed is even harder. We will need everyone"s help. Come see what you can do to help preserve your freedom!

    TA Brown, Road Captain   330.727.8286

    Finally, it is May, and the weather is slowly but surely turning in our favor to get some wind in our face and blow the cobwebs of winter hibernation off our trusty iron steeds.

    The month of May also ushers in the official motorcycle riding season along with the marking of our annual motorcycle awareness rally at the Ohio State House on May 6. This is a huge opportunity for you as an ABATE member to bring awareness to the motoring public that we are out on the roads also and to "LOOK TWICE, SAVE A LIFE". The rally at the State House provides an opportunity for the State Representatives and Senators to know that ABATE of OHIO is active and willing to discuss any and all bills and amendments which impact our ability to ride safely with freedom from over regulations or any restrictions that adversely impact our motorcycling community.

    Several runs and activities are scheduled for May too. Check the Mahoning Valley Motorcycle Cooperative or the Abate Region Zero website for those events. On May 26-28 is the Motorcycle Memorial Foundation ceremony weekend in Hopedale, Ohio. This year Region Zero will be honoring one of our own, Bummer, during the ceremony on Saturday the 27 starting at 11:30 am. Primitive on site camping is available for the weekend. More information is available motorcyclistmemorialfoundation.com . I will be going down Friday to Steubenville overnight prior to the ceremony and should anyone want to do that, text myself or post inquiries on Region Zero"s Facebook page and hotel info will be passed on.

    Begin making plans for our Region"s first run of the year to be held June 10 at the Yellow Dog Saloon. Come out to ride the run or just to support your Region and get a good meal and maybe an auction prize or two. Remember, this run is one-third of our annual fundraising efforts to support our region and charitable causes. Also, if you would like to donate anything toward the Chinese auction, contact one of the officers.

    Until next month, Ride Hard, Ride Safe

    Barb Tittle, Treasurer

    Barb will give her report at the meeting.

    Donna Sam, Membership 330.540.6210

    As always, if you have any corrections to your membership info, contact me please. Call, write, text, message, carrier pigeon (ok kidding on the pigeons, but I actually did grow up next to someone who raced them). I would look into that for you if that"s what you want. Whatever we can do to make us worthy of your presence at the next meeting would be outstanding! AND... we have the VETERANS OUTREACH RUN coming up at Masters on July 22, would LOVE you to be there. If you can"t make the run on the bike, just be there and hang out and help please. And yes, my formatting is off this month, but I must say… it"s the computers fault.

    June monthly meeting will be on:

Sunday, June 25, 2 pm, @ Timmy"s New Milford Cafe.
4927 Greenwood Rd, Rootstown, OH 44272
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    Full Potential Tutor Services 330.651.7944 ... call or text Dana Kibler Teacher/Professional Tutor

    Gross Plumbing in Ravenna ... 216.214.4377 ... AJ and Denise Rich-Gross ... Owner and Lifetime member of ABATE ... Sewer & Drain Cleaning, High pressure water jetting, T.V. Sewer inspection

    The Financial Concept Group ... www.thefinancialconceptgroup.com ... Jeff Cook ... Helping you take control of your life. ... www.jeffcook.juiceplus.com

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