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Monthly Meeting
Everyone is always WELCOME !!!

Thirsty Frog
5423 Mahoning Ave., Austintown, Oh. 44515
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Saturday, May 13, 2023
at 1:00 PM

Region Zero Director
Randy Kibler

330 428-2083
Region Zero Deputy Director:
Keith Roller

State Chairman of the Board
Mike Stock

State Executive Director
Ed Schetter

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Motorcycle Memorial Foundation

    According to Tom Bradley, Co-Chairman and Treasurer of the Motorcycle Memorial Foundation in Hopedale, Ohio, some changes have had to be made. Due to the many trifolds spread across the state and beyond, ABATE of Ohio Inc. has offered to help spread the word of these changes.

    First; the deadline for submitting applications for bricks and wall engravings has been changed from 6 weeks to a minimum of 10 weeks prior to Memorial Day. This is due to the large number of applications they have been receiving.

    Second; prices for bricks and wall engravings are going to be going up. Since the Motorcycle Memorial was first founded, in 1993, the prices have never been raised. With all the monetary increases in every aspect of life, that has been quite an accomplishment. But it has come time to raise the costs to ensure that the memorial will continue to live on.

    The foundation will be holding a meeting soon to discuss and implement these monetary changes. Tom has requested that anyone wanting to submit and application, to please contact him at 740-317-3433 for information regarding the price increase

    ABATE of Ohio Inc. wants to thank the foundation and all it's members, current and past, for all their dedication and year around work to keep alive the names and memories of our fallen Brothers and Sisters.

    Lion Man

ABATE of Ohio, Inc., Region Zero

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Not Just Another
      Damn Run

Yellow Dog Saloon
2242 Greenville Rd., Cortland, Oh. 44410
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Saturday, June 10, 2023
Sign-ups: 10:00am till 12noon
Kickstands up at 12 Noon.

Always, Rain or Shine !!!

ABATE of Ohio, Inc., Region Zero

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9th Annual
Veterans Outreach
Benefit Run

Masters Bar & Grill
1675 Trumbull Ave., Girard, Oh. 44420
Google Map
Saturday, July 22, 2023
Sign-ups: 10:00am
Color Guard/National Anthem 11:45am.
Kickstands up at 12 Noon.

Always, Rain or Shine !!!

Re-Shootin' the Breeze

  by "Bummer"   RIP

A Trip down Memory Lane. . . .   October 2002

May 2023

    Randy Kibler, Region Zero Director

    Happy May,

    I hope you all are prepared for the riding season. For some there is no riding season, it's all year on road and off.

    I'm beyond fed up with the idiots on their phones while operating vehicles. Unfortunately, the phone is only one part of distracted driving. Individuals are dicking around with their radios, putting on makeup, eating food, and playing with their digital watches which are linked to their phones. Ever see someone with an apple watch? Might as well just stare at your phone for how distracting they are. Such a waste of money and technology.

    How about all of these self-entitled fools that enjoy pulling out in front of you? Happens to me on a daily basis and it's infuriating! It's no wonder road rage incidents are happening more frequently. Or at least that is what the media tells us. We've been working with our politicians on a Right of Way bill to help with that. It's not the solution, but it's a step in the right direction.

    Besides making laws and restrictions, a great resource is our VOICE. Not the ignorant voice after a night of partying, but the educated voice of reason. When someone is doing wrong it is on us to correct it. As my friend always says, "No one is beyond an ass whopping." Some of these people could use one. So please, next time you see someone on their phone or doing something else distracting while driving DO SOMETHING about it instead of complaining. Take care all and be the voice of righteousness.

    Keith Roller, Deputy Director

    My wife, Elizabeth, will be attending Bikers Inside the Beltway 5/15-5/17. She has agreed to share her experiences in this space for the April newsletter.

    Lion Man, Legislative Director 330.718.3066

    With riding season upon us, depending on the weather and your stamina, May is motorcycle awareness month. Even with the media notifications and our attempts to remind motorists that we are back out on the roads, do not count on them seeing you. Here in Region Zero, with the very mild end of winter/beginning of Spring, we have had near record setting accidents and homicides involving motorcyclists already. Please take care of yourself and your families by riding defensively, being alert, watching for those not watching for us, and riding sober!

    I have begun to reach out to the legislators in Region Zero to run my initial ideas past them regarding the anti-profiling legislation. To see where we are at by the time of our meeting just come on in and listen!

    Have you ever been stopped at a red traffic signal waiting for the green light, and it never comes? What do you do? Come find out what Ohio law says you can do!

    With all the recent accidents, re-introducing the Right of Way Bill has been discussed. Come and hear some of the pros and cons of this action!

   And if you can't attend the meeting, Happy Mother's Day to all the Mother's (both Male and Female) out there!

    TA Brown, Road Captain   330.727.8286

    Finally, it is May, and the weather is slowly but surely turning in our favor to get some wind in our face and blow the cobwebs of winter hibernation off our trusty iron steeds.

    The month of May also ushers in the official motorcycle riding season along with the marking of our annual motorcycle awareness rally at the Ohio State House on May 6. This is a huge opportunity for you as an ABATE member to bring awareness to the motoring public that we are out on the roads also and to "LOOK TWICE, SAVE A LIFE". The rally at the State House provides an opportunity for the State Representatives and Senators to know that ABATE of OHIO is active and willing to discuss any and all bills and amendments which impact our ability to ride safely with freedom from over regulations or any restrictions that adversely impact our motorcycling community.

    Several runs and activities are scheduled for May too. Check the Mahoning Valley Motorcycle Cooperative or the Abate Region Zero website for those events. On May 26-28 is the Motorcycle Memorial Foundation ceremony weekend in Hopedale, Ohio. This year Region Zero will be honoring one of our own, Bummer, during the ceremony on Saturday the 27 starting at 11:30 am. Primitive on site camping is available for the weekend. More information is available @motorcyclistmemorialfoundation.com. I will be going down Friday to Steubenville overnight prior to the ceremony and should anyone want to do that, text myself or post inquiries on Region Zero's Facebook page and hotel info will be passed on.

    Begin making plans for our Region's first run of the year to be held June 10 at the Yellow Dog Saloon. Come out to ride the run or just to support your Region and get a good meal and maybe an auction prize or two. Remember, this run is one-third of our annual fundraising efforts to support our region and charitable causes. Also, if you would like to donate anything toward the Chinese auction, contact one of the officers.

    Until next month, Ride Hard, Ride Safe

    Barb Tittle, Treasurer

    Barb will give her report at the meeting.

    Donna Sam, Membership 330.540.6210

    If you're reading this in the mail from the Post Office, by now you have seen the “contact cards” that we have available to all members. I've included some in this snail mail. All you have to do is put your name and phone on them, and when someone says "ABATE ... What's that?" and you give them your contact info and invite them to the next meeting. It's a great ice breaker and contact maker. I'll be anxious to see how they work for you, as long as you work them and share them.

    If you get this in email form, come to the next meeting, or just contact me and I'll mail some to you (yes, it's true, I know where you live).

    May Meeting ... May monthly meeting will be on May 13, 1 pm at the Thirsty Frog

    Check Facebook if you have it, Check the Region Web page if you don't. OR, Call any officer and have a chat. We'll also email out flyers. June meeting…. Usually, it's the 3rd Saturday of the month, sometimes it's the 4th Saturday.



    Full Potential Tutor Services 330.651.7944 ... call or text Dana Kibler Teacher/Professional Tutor

    Gross Plumbing in Ravenna ... 216.214.4377 ... AJ and Denise Rich-Gross ... Owner and Lifetime member of ABATE ... Sewer & Drain Cleaning, High pressure water jetting, T.V. Sewer inspection

    The Financial Concept Group ... www.thefinancialconceptgroup.com ... Jeff Cook ... Helping you take control of your life. ... www.jeffcook.juiceplus.com

(Thanks for reading all the way to the end)

April 2023

    Randy Kibler, Region Zero Director


    If you're reading this, then you've probably already had a chance or two for a little cruise, which is awesome. I rode a couple times, unfortunately they were customer bikes, but I'm scrambling like mad to get one of our shovelheads ready to beat up and down the boulevards and scare the new Harleys.

    While riding a customer's bike, (a clean 1968 Yamaha DT1 to be exact) I stopped by a neighbor's place a handful of houses down. There I found three dudes (who own their house) under the age of 21 resurrecting a 1985 Suzuki 250 enduro. It was awesome to see them working on and riding it. Two of the guys also own regular street bikes. It was reminiscent of myself and my friends at that age, but we were into cars at the time.

    Did I get them to one of our meetings? You betcha I did! And while Lion Man was giving his Legislative report, they were nodding in understanding to his words. They were "pleasantly surprised" they told me. Some may call them kids and that the younger generation is too self-absorbed or whatever, but maybe it's us that are just out of touch.

    Being a member of ABATE doesn't mean it's the only thing you do. Many of our members are also members of other motorcycle groups, clubs, and organizations such as the MRF, AMA, HOG, AMCA and many others. Our members can be found at many local events and even plenty of distant events like Sturgis or Daytona. Naturally, different groups have different agendas, but with ABATE it's "preserving the rights, improving the image, and promoting safe operating practices of all Ohio motorcyclists". Now that's something we can take with us to our other groups and to different events.

    There are plenty of opportunities for riding, spreading the message and good cheer. Don't waste them. Thank you all! Live for something or die for nothing.

    Keith Roller, Deputy Director

    I hope people have some fun adventures planned for the upcoming season. Let recent weather events serve as a reminder of the importance of appropriate riding gear. Good quality rain gear goes a long way to helping a rider maintain focus in inclement weather. And insulated or heated gear, can be very helpful as your muscles don't work as efficiently when body temperature drops even slightly.

    As always, be safe.

    Lion Man, Legislative Director 330.718.3066

    You don't want to miss this month's meeting! I am going to update you about this, that, and the other thing! Come to the meeting to see what they are!

    The new distracted driving law went into effect on April 4th and what does that mean to you?

    Tired of Police Officers pulling you over to check you out because you ride a motorcycle? Come hear what your organization is doing about that!

    What advances have we made toward reducing toll rates for motorcyclists on the Ohio Turnpike? I will update you.

    What is happening in other states, and in other countries? Come find out!

    Where else will your elected representatives come to you to discuss your questions and concerns? Only ABATE of Ohio Inc. meetings. February, we had State Representative for Ohio's 64th District, Nick Santucci. March, we had State Representative of the 59th House District, Laura McNally.

    I have invited Representative Monica Robb Blasdel, from the Ohio House 79th District, in Columbiana County to attend and speak to us, and she has graciously accepted.

    Come and hear what she has to tell us.

    Over 50 years I have experienced discrimination just for being a biker. Just like many of you! Let's work together to become a country of free people again! This can only happen with our mission, working together with our elected officials. BECOME PART OF THE CURE!

    Come see how at your meeting!

    TA Brown, Road Captain   330.727.8286

    Howdy Y'all

    Can't say I'm happy that the Groundhog was finally right this year but at least March went out like a lamb. Hopefully, the weather will begin to be with us so we can get back out to hit the open roads to enjoy the freedom of the wind in our face and the journeys that our trusty steeds will take us on.

    To that extent, HOG has posted the HOG rally schedule for this year. Those can be found at HOG.com and search for the rallies section. A few other events upcoming that you may want to plan for are Ride Ohio Motorcycle Rider classes are now available. Next one is at KSU Salem April 27-30. The Motorcycle Awareness Run to Columbus on May 6. Meet at the Pilot truck stop on Rt. 46 in Austintown/Mineral Ridge. Kickstands up 7:00 AM FIRM! A Veterans Support run from the Washingtonville VFW is May 20, registration @ 10 AM located at 575 S. County Rd. Washingtonville. May 21 is the annual Firefighters Memorial Ride sponsored by Southeast Harley. Line up for the run is at Browns stadium. Pre-registration is recommended. The Motorcycle Memorial Foundation weekend is May 26-28. The memorial service proper will be held at 11:30 AM on the 27th. Region Zero will be honoring one of our own, Bummer, this year. A group ride down to Steubenville on Friday is in the works with a ride to Hopedale Saturday morning. If not your cup of tea, then an early group ride to Hopedale could be organized. Just remember, Saturday is a loooong day with the ride back afterward. Final details will be in next month's article. Finally, Ohio Bike Week in Sandusky, Ohio is May 26-June 4 and is a HOG pin stop.

    In closing, just a reminder that our region grows stronger when more members are active participants. Come join us for the monthly meetings and enjoy our activities. Y'all will have fun and any input is greatly appreciated.

    Until next month, Ride Hard, Ride Safe

    Barb Tittle, Treasurer

    Barb will give her report at the meeting.

    Donna Sam, Membership 330.540.6210

    Along with our new marketing flyers, and our general handout about what ABATE has done for you, now come our new contact cards. Put your own name and phone number on there, and if you meet someone that may be interested in joining up with us, give them a contact card. They'll be impressed, well, I would be at least. (But seriously, it doesn't take much for me.) And don't forget about the Damn Run coming up in June, flier attached. We'd love some raffle baskets! Just call and Dana or I will pick them up.






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