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Monthly Meeting
Everyone is always WELCOME !!!

Thirsty Frog Bar & Grill
5423 Mahoning Ave., Austintown, Ohio 44515
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Saturday, March 25, 2023
at 1:00 PM

Guest Speaker.....
State Representative
Lauren McNally

59th Ohio House District (Parts of Mahoning and Columbiana counties.)

Region Zero Director
Randy Kibler

330 428-2083
Region Zero Deputy Director:
Keith Roller

State Chairman of the Board
Mike Stock

State Executive Director
Ed Schetter

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Upcoming "Zero" area Events
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2022 Mahoning Valley Events Calendar   By MVMEC

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  The Schedule of Events meeting for the 2023 season will be on
Sunday, February, 12, 2023 at 1:00pm

at the
Army/Navy Garrison #244, 418 Mason St. Niles, Ohio 44446.
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    Any Club or Organization wishing to have their events on this schedule should attend this meeting or have their event information to "Randy" before this meeting. It is preferable that you attend the meeting in case of conflicting dates !!!

Randy, 8 Benton St., Austintown, Oh. 44515 or 330 428-2083

Crazy Cycles
31st Annual !!!!
Yankee Lake Spring Swap Meet
Yankee Lake Ballroom
1814 State Rt.7, Brookfield, Oh. 44401
Sunday, March 26, 2023
10am till 4pm

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Info: Crazy Cycles (330) 448-2074 -or- (330) 398-3894

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ABATE of Ohio, Inc.

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May Motorcycle
Awareness Rally!!

Farrows Harley-Davidson
7754 St. Rt.36/37, Sunbury, Oh. 43074(Exit 131 off of Rt.I-71)
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May 6, 2023
Gates open 9:30am, Parade starts at 12 Noon SHARP !!
Police Escorted Parade to the State House, Downtown Columbus, for the Rally
Info: Mike Stock 419 654-5446

ABATE of Ohio, Inc., Region 9
After Rally Party !!
Ohio Brewing Company
421 E. 2nd. Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43201
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May 6, 2023
1:30pm to 5:00pm
After the Rally, Off Street Parking.
Info: Chris 740 963-2738 or Kathy 614 203-9719

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Should be presented to any and all City, Township, or Burgs in your area.
Files are in .Doc or .Docx file so the local Goverment can fill them out, Print and Sign/Stamp them.

Proclamations should be delivered to the State Awareness Rally on (or at the State Office, before)
May 6, 2023.

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Re-Shootin' the Breeze

  by "Bummer"   RIP

A Trip down Memory Lane. . . .   October 2002

March 2023

    Randy Kibler, Region Zero Director


    The recent cold weather and snow may be a bummer, but at least it gives us more time to prep our rides and finish some projects. I know I have too many projects myself and still haven't repaired our '76 FLH since a jerk pulled out in front of us in July. Fortunately, the FLH held up better that the 2021 Kia we plowed into the side of.

    You have plenty to read from our other Officers, so I'll keep it brief. GET OFF OF YOUR PHONE WHILE DRIVING!! Motorcyclists and other vehicle operators are getting more than fed up with these shenanigans. I personally carry some small rocks while riding or driving for such an occasion. I had a guy tell me recently at a swap meet, "screw the rocks, I use a 9mm."

    With that being said, what else are people willing to do because of individual's foolishness? Please get the stupid phone out of your face and quit using it as a pacifier for your children.

    Thank you and rock on!

    Keith Roller, Deputy Director

    What the hell is all of this white crap that's falling on the ground?

    PMS is really getting me down. I want to ride, ride hard and ride long. We all must bear in mind that after sitting for a long time we need to give our bikes the once over before hitting the road. Make sure the tires are properly inflated and all of the fluids appropriate. There will also likely be a minor rush on new batteries. Just remember to take care of your equipment, be vigilant, and be safe.

    Lion Man, Legislative Director 330.718.3066

    If you have been following the newsletter, or better yet, been attending monthly meetings, then you know that six Region Zero members attended a meeting of the Ohio Turnpike Commission, on February 1st. I have received a response from the commission. Come to the meeting and see what they had to say regarding our presentation, and what is next regarding this issue.

    The next agenda item that we are about to engage in, is the anti-profiling legislation. If you are not familiar with this problem, I will explain it, along with the positives and negatives of this legislation. Every motorcyclist should be concerned about this issue.

    What are Right to Repair Laws, and how do they affect you in all your transportation requirements? I will let you know what it means and what is being done to protect you! This is an issue that could save, or cost you, a whole lot of money. You need to know about this.

    Electric vehicles are coming. Electric bicycles are already here and have been for a while. But what are the laws on them? Even if you never ride on one, how is it affecting your rights and freedoms right now.

    What items are other states working on, and should we be working along side them, or helping them? Let's discuss it. Remember what happens in other states and even other countries, can, and often does, find its way to the borders of Ohio!!!

    Again, we have a newly elected state representative attending our meeting. All members are needed to show her our strength and commitment to protecting our rights. Bring a friend or a neighbor along with you and let them see what we are all about.

    An informed membership is a strong membership!!!

    See you at the meeting!

    TA Brown, Road Captain 330.727.8286

    Greetings to all the Irish & pretend Irish this St. Patty's month celebrating the “Luck of the Irish.” Hope you will have a good time of celebration & fun on the 17th or whenever day or days you chose to participate and enjoy it safely.

    Speaking of safety, now that we are into March and will have (hopefully) several opportunities to get our trusty scoots out of hibernation, it is time to do several safety and maintenance checks before the first early season ride. First and foremost, just give your trusted steed a good look over. Are there any small drips, wet areas around the motor or leaks observed? Anything that just doesn't look quite right? Any little gremlins that have raised their ugly heads? Address them now. Check the air pressure in both tires. All tires bleed air as they sit and the temps are around freezing or lower. Check the tread depth and look for any sidewall deformation or small cracking that may have occurred. And I'm sure we all check the date codes on them too.

    Check your battery terminals for good connections and any possible corrosion that may have started by the constant influx of current while on the float/trickle charger. Did you change the oil and filter before you parked it for the winter? If not, now is the time to do that and how far past 5,000 miles is it for the trans and primary fluids? Check. Look at your brake pads in the calipers. Do they have good material showing or are they getting a little thin? Also, a quick check of the lights for correct illumination and operation. How about the brake light switch? Does it activate the brake light from the foot pedal and front lever independently or not at all? Be a good thing to know.

    Just a few tips and reminders to make the first couple rides be as safe as possible and confident in our machines to perform worry free as we all start to scratch that itch to hit the road and put down some miles.

    Until next month,

    Barb Tittle, Treasurer

    Barb will give her report at the meeting.

    Donna Sam, Membership 330.540.6210

    We have a new marketing flyer coming out soon, something that anyone can put up anywhere, not just to advertise a run or a meeting. It even has a QR code so anyone with a smart phone can click and it'll go right to Region Zero's ABATE page. Thanks TJ for your help putting this together! Remember, "After the meeting notes" will only be emailed out to the current roster.

    NEXT meetings, mark your calendars:

    Saturday March 25, 2023
    The Thirsty Frog
    5423 Mahoning Ave Suite F,(The Side Door !!)
    Austintown, OH 44515
Guest Speaker: Ohio House 59th District Representative Lauren McNally (D-Mahoning/Columbiana County)

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    Dana Kibler     Teacher/Professional Tutor

    Gross Plumbing in Ravenna     216.214.4377
    AJ Gross and Denise Rich-Gross     Owner and Lifetime member of ABATE
    Sewer & Drain Cleaning, High pressure water jetting, T.V. Sewer inspection

    The Financial Concept Group     http://thefinancialconceptgroup.com
    Jeff Cook     Helping you take control of your life. www.jeffcook.juiceplus.com

February 2023

    Randy Kibler, Region Zero Director

    Region Zero had their 31st annual Meltdown party. Was a wonderful time with members from the old days and new in attendance. Big thanks to Mike Westfall and the crew from the Sail Inn Tavern for their loyalty and taking care of us over the years!

    The day after the Meltdown Region Zero attended the Mahoning Valley Calendar of Events meeting at the Army-Navy post 244 where we, and other motorcycle groups from the area worked together and solidified our event dates. More thanks to Foster and the folks at the Army-Navy for the years of support.

    February 25th at the Newton Falls VFW and March 25th at the Thirsty Frog in Austintown are our next Regional Meetings. Plenty of information for digesting, so don't be a fool and think the internet has the answers you're looking for.

    Enjoy the remainder of the cool weather because the summer heat will be upon us in no time. Take care!

    Keith Roller, Deputy Director

    Recent weather has seen some people getting their bikes out of the garage and scratching a certain itch. As we all know, the early riding season sees greater hazards for many reasons: salt on the roads, gravel in the turns, and most importantly 4 wheeled vehicle drivers who are not expecting us. I would caution all who are out there to remain vigilant.

    I briefly mentioned in the last meeting about the Bikers Inside the Beltway event which is sponsored by the Motorcycle Riders Foundation. This provides an opportunity to lobby face to face for motorcycle rights on a federal level. Our efforts are important at all levels of government. I am including a link to the flyer for any who may be interested.


    Lion Man, Legislative Director 330.718.3066

    Well, it is mid-February and if you didn't make it to the Annual State Seminar, well you really missed out. Region Zero made a great showing, but, as always, more members attending would have been even better. It started off with a surprise of a free T-Shirt for attendees and it just got better from there. Friday night game night was enjoyable as well as Saturday's after seminar party was. Slider Gilmore, as usual, made a great informative presentation. Rod Taylor gave an inspiring speech about the need for members. And again, as usual, Rod talked more about everything except his topic. But his interaction with our State Secretary, Chris, was very entertaining. Rod may not stick to the topic, but he is always entertaining and humorous. Our keynote speaker at the dinner was our very own Al Cutrona. He talked a little about our issues but opened it up to questions from the floor. Finally, one politician who is more interested in what his constituents want to know about, then what he wants them to know about. After Al spoke, I was humbled to be awarded this year's Lifetime Achievement Award, made more special by my good friend T.J. making the presentation to me. It has truly been an honor to have served Region Zero for over 32 years, most of them as Legislative Director.

   It was a good weekend getaway and I thank everyone who made it. Next year I hope we will have even more members attend.

    At our last meeting I provided you with my initial list of objectives as State Legislative Director. On February 1, the first step was taken toward those objectives when myself and 5 other members from Region Zero attended the last of three public meetings of the Ohio Turnpike Commission. We weren't sure what to expect when a State Trooper pulled in after we arrived, and really wondered after a second one pulled in. So how did the meeting turn out? Come to our next meeting and find out. What is our next step toward legislative objectives? Come to the next meeting and find out. What were my objectives? You guessed it, come to the next meeting, and find out.

    What will we be discussing at our next meeting? You guessed wrong this time! LOL! Some of the things we will be looking at is updates on the autonomous vehicle menace to motorcycles, the non stopable elimination of combustible engines, news from other states as well as the federal government and more. Can't attend the meeting? Then you will have to wait until the After The Meeting Newsletter.

    Our next meeting will have the newly elected Ohio State Representative to the 64th House District Nick Santucci. If you can come out, please do so, as it is important to show these politicians, especially the new ones, that we are informed and care about our rights both in motorcycling and in living, and that we stand united and strong in doing so! The meeting information is attached elsewhere in this newsletter. See you at the meeting!

    TA Brown, Road Captain 330.727.8286

    Well, I am deep into my P.M.S. (Parked Motorcycle Syndrome) here in February. Seems to get worse every year. Every time the temps look rideable, the roads are layered in salt and brine dust. For me that's a hard pass. Sigh. Not riding sucks!

    But on a brighter note, there are several things starting to happen to get the bike spirit and lifestyle stirring: Our Winter Meltdown party at the Sail Inn, opening of registration for Ride Ohio motorcycle classes for 2023 (Education and Practice is always a good thing), motorcycle swap meet at Summit Co. fairgrounds on February 19th, or just spending time in the garage rubbin' and wrenching on our scoots.

    Next month I'll offer a reminder of some of the items to check and maintain prior to mounting our trusted steed for that first adventure on the open road. Also I'll advise of any upcoming rides or events you might like to attend as HOG has released their rally dates and places. As we get over the hump this winter, more rides should be announced.

    Until then, Ride Hard Ride Smart

    Barb Tittle, Treasurer

    Barb will give her report at the meeting, but in the meantime, we had picked up 7 new members and 3 renewals at the Meltdown.

    Donna Sam, Membership 330.540.6210

    NEXT meetings, mark your calendars:
    Saturday February 25, 2023
    Newton Falls VFW
    433 Arlington Ave.
    Newton Falls, Ohio 44444
Guest Speaker: Ohio House 64th District Representative Nick Santucci (R-Trumbull County)

    Saturday March 25, 2023
    The Thirsty Frog
    5423 Mahoning Ave Suite F,(The Side Door !!)
    Austintown, OH 44515
Guest Speaker: Ohio House 59th District Representative Lauren McNally (D-Mahoning/Columbiana County)

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    Gross Plumbing in Ravenna     216.214.4377
    AJ Gross and Denise Rich-Gross     Owner and Lifetime member of ABATE
    Sewer & Drain Cleaning, High pressure water jetting, T.V. Sewer inspection

    Full Potential Tutor Services     330.651.7944 ... call or text
    Dana Kibler     Teacher/Professional Tutor

    The Financial Concept Group     http://thefinancialconceptgroup.com
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