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Yellow Dog Saloon
2242 Greenville Rd., Cortland, Oh. 44410
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Saturday, December 16, 2003
at 1:00 PM

Region Zero Director
Randy Kibler

330 428-2083
Region Zero Deputy Director:
Keith Roller

State Chairman of the Board
Mike Stock

State Executive Director
Ed Schetter

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State Seminar
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DoubleTree by Hilton
Columbus Worthington
175 Hutchinson Ave., Columbus, Oh. 43235
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February 2nd and 3rd, 2024
Friday: Meet and Greet, Cards, etc, etc
Saturday 8am Sign-in, 9am Seminar Starts.

Room Reservations: Call 1-(614) 885-3334
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Seminar Reservations (CC 1 614-319-3644)
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Info: Mike Stock 419 654-5446

Region Zero News #16
November 2023

    Randy Kibler
    Region Zero Director

    Happy November!!

    As you read this, Veteran's day would have come and gone, unless you get this by email. Be sure to thank our Veterans and ask about their service when you see them. Not just on Veteran's day, but every day. Memorial day is absolutely not the day to thank a Vet, have a party, or go out and get some discount which myself and others think is disgusting and a spit on the graves of the ones we owe so much too, but that's for another discussion. Also, when you thank them be sincere or don't bother at all.

    If it wasn't for the Veterans coming back from World War II looking for an adrenaline rush then motorcycling might still be a gentleman's sport. The Vets got us wearing jeans and leather jackets which no doubt shaped the modern day persona of the Motorcyclists.

    Speaking of Vets and motorcycles, how about the "King of Cool" Steve McQueen and the awesome motorcycle scene that he did without a stunt double in The Great Escape? He served in our beloved Marine Corps from '47-'50. He is quoted saying, "The Corps made a man out of me."

    On a serious note, as a child I wanted to hear war stories from Veterans whether they were my family or not. I never heard much which I always surmised this was due to them being quiet professionals and humble warriors. Since becoming a combat Vet at the age of 19 years old, I now get to hear the stories I was so fortunate not to as a child. Stories about being drafted, taken away from your life and family, and forced to serve in combat overseas.

    One such story is from a draftee I met at the VA. I will keep it brief, but we will call him Steve for the sake of privacy. Steve had a very sick mother when he was sent to Vietnam. While in country, he was the radio operator for his team. While on a patrol his buddy (who was also drafted) graciously took Steve's radio and place in formation to help relieve his aching back and shoulders. This was great, but unfortunately such graciousness was met with his buddy getting shot by a sniper and dropping like a bag of rocks. Steve in this moment, knew his buddy took the bullet meant for him. Steve in an instant, made his way under a constant barrage of fire so that he could drag his buddy to safety.

    After that they never saw each other again, but his friend did send Steve a card every Christmas as a "Thank you" for saving his life. The cards came every Christmas for over 40 years until one holiday they didn't. A week goes by only for Steve to find out that his friend died from agent orange.

    What a story. Full of sadness, friendship, and hardship. It is also necessary to note that Steve's very sick mother passed away only a few days after returning back to the World.

    As far as motorcycles and the motorcyclists rights movement, I'll write about them another time. Some things are more important believe it or not. Just ask the Vets at any VA hospital or clinic. Thank you all and Happy 248th birthday to my Marine Corps brothers and sisters and thank you to all of our Veterans.

    Semper Fedelis !!! Randy ...

    Keith Roller
    Deputy Director

    I hope everyone voted. Further, I hope everyone was well informed before going to the polls. ABATE, by its very nature, likely attracts people with higher than average political interests. There is a great responsibility in being politically active and we must all take that very seriously. As we suffer from PMS over the winter, please reflect on that.

    Lion Man
    Legislative Director

    Patricia Hagerty, one of the victims of the Teddy Foltz Poker run, recently passed away. With her passing it is unknown if charges can be filed against the perpetrator of the crash. But what are the possible charges if they do? What is ABATE of Ohio Inc. doing about all these right of way violations? What can you do to further the cause to put some sense behind the penalties for careless driving? Come to the next meeting and learn these and more answers to your questions.

    What other issues is ABATE of Ohio Inc. working on to preserve your freedom to ride? Again, come to the meeting and find out. Remember, one person cannot make this happen. It will take all of us.

    TA Brown
    Road Captain

    I recently took advantage of the last 70 degree week to take my annual color leaf ride through Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. It was beautiful scenery and finally I timed it right to have the ride be sunny, warm, and the leaves be at peak color. Pretty awesome.

    One of the stops was to the bucket list 1836 town of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky. If you ride, that's a must stop on your travels. Don't forget to stop and say Hi to the Mayor of Rabbit Hash while visiting the general store. After that, take the ferry across the Ohio River into Rising Sun Indiana. I did and spent the night at the casino and then took the country routes up through Indiana to Richmond, across to Dayton, then back across route 42 into Mansfield and back home. All in all, a great ending to the official riding season.

    Hope everyone has the opportunity to ride when the weather allows and don't forget the winter maintenance as we put our trusted steeds on standby until the next good weather day or the spring riding season 2024. Take care and ride when ya can.

    Donna Sam

    We have 2 very important meetings coming up, one for nominations for officers and the next meeting will be the elections. It's all important to have officers that care about the organization, and want to move it forward together. If you'd like to be included in this group, by all means, GET INVOLVED. If you want to put your name in the hat, let an officer know, or just have someone nominate you at the Nove meeting. We're all fighting the good fight. Let's do it together!!

    Next Activity(s)...
Saturday, November 18 ... Region meeting at the VFW in Newton Falls 1 pm
Saturday, December 16 ... Christmas Party at the Yellow Dog and Election of Officers for 2024

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