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Updates on Dan Morgan Jr.
Son of Dan Morgan Sr., State & Region Zero Sgt. @ Arms
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8/16/2010     Dan Morgan Jr., 34, was on his motorcycle and traveling south on State Route 45 at roughly 4:30 p.m. A truck was traveling north and was attempting to turn left onto Gladstone Road when the motorcycle hit the rear corner of the truck.
8/19/2010     Surgery today on Dan's left leg, Dr's are happy with the outcome. Danny's running a fever so surgery will be done on his right leg, possibly, next Tuesday.
8/22/2010     Removed the "Lung Machine" for a short period of time, today. Danny's still running a fever since before the surgery, 9/19
8/24/2010     (Direct from Mother Mary) Danny's White Blood count is High, so Dr's are holding off on Surgery. fevor has started to drop, is now 100.3. Dr's are also cutting back on Medication that's keeping him asleep (Coma)
8/31/2010     Surgery was done on Danny's Right Leg. Danny's temp is now under 100 degrees. Breathing almost 100% on his own.
9/5//2010     Danny is breathing 100% on his own. Dr's have stopped giving him the medication to induce the Coma, though he is still out. Physically, he doing real good.
9/6//2010     Talked to Danny Sr. & Mother Mary personaly, they would like to pass this message along to everyone.......
    A very Heartfelt "Thank you", to everyone who has sent Messages, Thoughts and Prayers on behalf of Danny Jr. and the whole Morgan Family.
    At this time, The Morgan Family would like to ask that in lieu of Flowers and Monetary Gifts, That You donate blood in the name of a “Downed Biker” in your area.
   Also, A special “Thank you” goes out to Region Zero for their Gift.

                Mother Mary &, Danny Sr.
9/10//2010     Danny is out of ICU and in a regular room. Family members are saying they're seeing eye movement and such. (That could mean he's comming out of the Coma).
9/17//2010     Dr's discovered a Kidney Infection, causing the fever he's had a problem with. Removed Cast from his Foot. Visitors swear Danny open an eye briefly. Dr's are talking about releasing Danny from the Hospital to a Nursing Home/Rehab Center.
9/28//2010     Danny has been released from the hospital. He is now at   Autumn Hills Care Center, 2565 Niles Vienna Rd, Niles, OH 44446-4400 Phone:(330) 652-2053 Room 304.
9/30//2010     Danny has a case of Pneumonia. If you plan to visit, PLEASE be healthy !! Still in coma, however, visitors say that if you ask him to move his arm or hand, he seems to do it. (good sign !!)
10/4//2010     Danny suffered a setback today, and has been re-admitted to St. Elizabeth's Hospital (Youngstown, Ohio) with a fevor and dehydration.
10/7/2010     Still in St. E's. Today, after the Dr. gave Danny the command to "Open his eyes", he did for a time..
10/12//2010     Still in St. E's. Danny responding more and more to voice commands (Head movement, Arm movement)
10/14//2010     Danny is back at Autumn Hills Care Center, 2565 Niles Vienna Rd, Niles, OH 44446-4400 Phone:(330) 652-2053
11/14//2010     Danny is opening his eyes more and more as if he's awake, but then drifts off again. When asked if he knew who he was by Mother Mary, he shook his head "Yes". Later, when ask if he knew who another person was (someone in the room and pointed out) he again shook his head yes. Danny still has a Breathing Tube and can not talk.
11/26//2010     Using a medical "voice box", Danny was able to talk to family members today. His mind seemed clear and he knew everyone in the room. Tomorrw, (11/27/10), plans are to have the whole family present when he gets the voice box again.
12/18//2010     Dan "awake More and More....
2/12/2011     While still not home, Danny gets better, Day by Day....
10/1/2011     Danny Jr. is Home

More Info as we get it.

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