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Roger Wright


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I'm writing this the day after the Awareness Rally. WOW! Doesn't even begin to describe it! Good attendance from (most) of our Regions. Thanks to the efforts of Kolman Fuzy, our new allies the Ohio C.O.C. brought roughly 100 bikes from various clubs to support our cause! Good to meet y'all ! The weather was Damned Nice, and the ceremony at the Statehouse was great. Big Thanks to those that came to the After Party, had some laughs with us, and played our fundraising games to help pay for the expenses for the day. Thanks as always to Victorys for hosting us. Hope all you out-of-towners had a good (and safe!) ride home. Major Props to local law enforcement for once again giving us a kickass escort and getting us there safely. BTW- On leaving Exit 131, the lead cruiser didn't kick us up to speed until everyone was off of the ramp. I was rolling past the 128 mile marker at that moment- OUR PARADE WAS 3 MILES LONG !!! If I get to see any of the videos shot and get any kind of a nose count, I'll let y'uuns know! Today we had our 1st meeting at our new summer meeting home- The Point. My first time there. Yowzah ! Cool place, and both owners are riders! (heh-heh-heh--- gonna sign 'em up !) Stop by for their Wednesday Bike Night-or any other time. You'll like them folks! We heard from a couple of speakers yesterday that in Ohio and somewhat Nationally, there's not a lot new going on legislatively (Kudos to Kolman and Sleazy for starting a Ohio anti-profiling bill!). This tells me we're all doing something right. As I told R9 today-- Pray for Peace but Stockpile Ammo. Use these "slow" times to strengthen ties to legislators and make new allies! Have a Top-Shelf, Safe riding season! See Y'all at the R8 Freedom Rally ! Roger9
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