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As things move toward some semblance of normalcy, activity on the legislative front has not ceased. On the Federal level, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee passed H.R. 2, the first step in the Highway Bill Reauthorization process. The entire House now needs to take a final vote on the bill. The Senate then needs to introduce their version of the bill.This bill is very important to motorcyclists because four amendments were passed and are now a part of the bill. These areas of concern to motorcyclists were: motorcycle safety funds, the Motorcyclist Advisory Council, autonomous vehicle technology and motorcycle-only checkpoints/profiling. A complete rundown will be posted on the State website. A special thank you to Rep. Troy Balderson for his efforts in the inclusion of motorcyclists' unique profile and characteristics in studies conducted by the DOT and also ensuring that a motorcycle safety group is included in the DOT working group on autonomous vehicle deployment.

Also, the EPA hopes to increase the amount of biofuels blended into the nation's fuel supply to 20.17 billion gallons in 2012, up from 20.09 gallons this year. Any increase in these fuel levels (E-15) is being opposed by the AMA, MRF and motorcyclists. The E-15 issue is an ongoing one that we are all watching. Obviously, there are many other issues that are of concern, but brevity precludes me from including them in this article. Please go to the AMA, MRF and ABATE websites for more info.

Here in Ohio, ABATE has been involved in HB 550, which is trying to modify the motorcycle training curriculum. Mike Stock, Ed Schetter, Gary Sellers and Jay Jackson have led the fight against this bill. Currently, since the House is in summer hiatus, no further movement is happening regarding this bill, but we are monitoring the situation and plotting strategy. Special thanks to Jay Jackson for coming to Columbus to testify from Indiana and also to Gary Sellers for his involvement as well.

Regarding the ABATE Foundation's Harley Raffle, it is still a go, with different strategies being employed to make up for the loss of so many bike nights and other events that were cancelled or postponed. Please continue to sell those tickets, and buy some yourself if you can. This is important.

Please take care of yourself, make the appropriate decisions for yourselves, lets beat this F@#*^%$n virus and get back to whatever is considered normal these days. And of course ride your asses off!!


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