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Why do you need ABATE?

Here are some of the issues being discusses in Washington DC, and at the Ohio State Capital. ABATE of Ohio monitors this potential legislation which can directly affects your right to modify your bike, choose your look and enjoying your riding. These legislative issues affect both on road and off road riders and the need to stand together to keep our “Right to Ride”:

1) Anti-Tampering – Motorcyclists love to tinker with their motorcycle and make them truly their own. The most common forms of personalization are motor and exhaust modifications and upgrades, mostly performed by the owner. Anti-tampering would prohibit ANYONE from working on their personal vehicle and would only allow the manufacturer, through an authorized repair agent (such as a dealership) to perform even routine maintenance. NO MORE AFTER MARKET PRODUCTS! All parts would have to be OEM (Factory Parts). Anti-Tamper, coupled with the high costs of a strict graduated license process and “end of life” requirements would drive up the cost of motorcycling to such a level that it would become expensive to maintain your sport bike.

2) Clothing Standards – The Federal government is considering putting in place the much more stringent CE standards of Europe. This will mean high amounts of “reflector red” type clothing items. Do you really want to look like riding street signs? Do you want to be forced to wear body armor type riding gear all the time? Do you want to be forced to wear an “airbag” vest?

3) Graduated Licensing – On the national and state level there is strong support to put in place VERY restrictive licensing requirements for beginning motorcyclists called “Graduated” licensing. Under a graduated system, as a novice rider, he/she would only be able to purchase up to a 200cc motorcycle and he/she would be required to remain at this level till at least his/her 21st birthday. In addition, under the graduated system, you wouldn’t even be allowed to move up to a 400 or 500cc machine until you’d been riding at least 5 or 6 years. Before you could ride a 1300cc machine would take about 10 years and thousands of dollars. There would be seriously increased costs for insurance and training. This type of licensing would also restrict what type of motorcycle you could purchase! You would have to prove qualifications before you would even be able to purchase your new bike. No longer would you be able to purchase the larger cc bikes when you want. You would need to “earn”, through a series of costly steps over a period of several years, the right to ride a 1000cc bike!

4) “End of Life” – What “End of Life” means is simply that an item (in this case, a motorcycle) has come to the end of its usefulness and now needs to be “recycled” or, in a more blunt choice of words, CRUSHED and SCRAPED! The EPA and others have advocated for this proposal as a way of rapidly increasing the number of “eco-friendly” vehicles (motorcycles among them) into the transportation mix. Discussions have occurred that would have some motorcycles reaching their “End of Life” in as little as 5 YEARS! This proposal would also have an effect on “graduated” licensing as it would increase the cost of purchasing a motorcycle every time a motorcyclist wished to advance to a higher level of horsepower. Why? It would dry up the availability of older, less costly but less efficient (by the EPA standards) motorcycles.

Join ABATE now and protect your right to ride!

We are not just the “Helmet Guys” anymore.

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