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ABATE of Ohio

Franklin County Minutes

Region 9

January 6, 2019

Meeting called to order by Kolman Fuzy at 12:06pm, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence. There were no new members and 1 guest, Mykayla.

Officer’s reports:

Secretary report: Reading of the Dec minutes. Jim E. motioned to accept the minutes, Joe P. 2nd with 1 abstention. Motion passed.

Legislative: J.R. Gantner

A brief note of topics, (please see attachments)

• Senate Profiling Resolution Passes Unanimously.

• MRF – Senate Committee started working on merging two Acts - AV Start and Self Drive. Motorcycles need to be included in this language.

• AMA – Senate Res 154 urges state law enforcement officials to condemn motorcyclist profiling in their policies and training material

• Atonomous Vehicles – current ly a shuttle circulates downtown Columbus. Kicking off will be food delivery services like Grub Hub and Uber Eats.

• OH. DMV - $5 registration increase to go towards bridge repairs.

• 6 On Your Side – COTA bus leaking caused loss of life. Watch for fluids on the road.

Products Officer Report: Sue Nissley not in attendance

Social Media Officer Report: Teresa Shivley tries to post the latest on our page. Any suggestions or interesting items can be sent to her to review. Reminded us of the Daytona North party March 9, 2019

and The Freedom Rally June 28-30, 2019.


Web master Report: David Domres Region 9 website has new officers listed. Let Dave know if any changes are needed. Dave will start added the meeting minutes to the website when they are available.

Treasurers report: Kathy Gantner (please see attachment) motion to accept report Robin P. 1st and Roger W. 2nd. All in favor with 1 abstention. Motion passed.

MRF Report: Jim Elgin Senate Resolution 154 on anti-profiling passed the Senate unanimously. Nothing has happened in the House yet. Get ahold of your Representative to support. Region ( is an MRF Sustaining Member – 25 year rocker and certificate was shared with the group and will be on file at the state office. Tiffany has been working as a liaison in Megan’s absence. A lobbying firm was hired for the anti-profiling. AMA Road Service is free with automated renewal.

State Government Relations report: Kolman Fuzy

• Road Guarding Bill expired and he is looking for a new sponsor. Possibly Green if he will reintroduce.

• HB548 (earplugs) – Mike stock testified. We are opponents of it.

• New Governor and Highway Patrol watch for raid of Motorcycle Ohio fund/ Training fund.

• Autonomous Vehicle Safety – systems do not consistently recognize motorcycles. Only if they are in the middle of the lane. Needs to be 100% of the time.

• E15 is going to year around sales. If you travel look out for Unleaded 88 which is E15. DO NOT put it in your motorcycle! Watch what you put in your bike.

• HB95 – Distracted driving as a secondary offense.

• Seminar 2019 – Discount rate on rooms is $121.00 book soon!

• J.R. Gantner brought up Rod Taylor’s article in last month’s OutSpokin’ stated that ABATE has a police escort at all events. This is not true for Ohio.

Region Directors Report: Kolman Fuzy thanked all officers from 2018 and the new 2019 officers.

Changes are being made at the State level:

Cut back OutSpokin’ to every other month.

Cut back on office staff to two nights a week.

Easy Riders show in Cincinnati was a 1 day event which we did have a presence but not a booth. The Ad in the OutSpokin’ is the 2018 event dates. There is not a 2019 Columbus event.


Old Business:

• Daytona North/Chili cookoff held at the VFW on Stelzer? – Kolman to call today. State calander has it listed on the wrong date. Event is March 9th. A new flyer will be submitted.

• Seminar – We have pre-registration forms

• Operation Santa – Roger & Cynthia did all of the shopping. We were able to help a lot of families.

• Motorcycle Ohio is looking for a range in the Columbus area. Let Kolman know if you have any possibilities


New Business:

• Swap Meet in Delaware, Ohio in Jan. Lots of cancellations they are down to 1 building. We will be there.

• Awareness Rally is the first Saturday in May, May 4th 2019. After Rally will more than likely be at Classics/Victory’s. Kolman and Jim to contact Alex.

• Proclaimations – Start working on now.

  Kolman will get the Governor, City of Columbus, Pickerington, Whitehall, Reynoldsburg, and Bexley.

  J.R. will get Hilliard.

  Kim will get Grove City, Dublin, Westerville, Sunbury, Urbancrest, and Jackson township

• Kolman would like to get a 2019 group officers picture. Officers also make sure Kolman has your current email.

• Move September and December meetings to 9/8/19 and 12/8/19


Remarks for the good of the order:

Kim C. – It’s Girl Scout cookie time! Abby is taking orders again if anyone is interested.

Mongo’s right arm getting overhauled. He will be down a couple of weeks. Check and see if he needs anything.

Roger W. – Last year of Rolling Thunder which brings attention to MIA and POWs Memorial Day weekend. If you are interested in going get a hold of Roger. Stay tuned for local ride next year to National Vets Memorial.

Next Meeting is Sunday, February 3, 2019.

Motion to Adjourn at 1:17pm. 1st by Kathy G. 2nd by Glenn C. 1 abstention.

50/50 $41.00 Won by Roger W. Donated back $35 to Operation Santa.

Buy a day at the office was $44.00.

Minutes completed by,

Region 9 Secretary

Kim Chafin




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