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Region 7
2018 Officers

Region 7 Officers

Director: Bill "Grease" Willer

Email Phone 419-665-2068

Deputy Director: Bob "Crash" Parker

E-Mail Phone 419-686-5885

Secretary: Michele "Red" Leddy

E-Mail Phone 419-341-5931

Treasurer: Jim "Bushman" Sprague

E-Mail Phone 419-680-8584

Sergeant @ Arms: Tony "Sky Eyes" Shack

Phone 419-690-9807

Safety & Education: Michael Stock

E-Mail Phone 419-654-5446 

Products: Barb Royster

E-Mail Phone 419-455-5445

Technology: Jeanne Gloor 

E-Mail Phone 419-898-2547

Membership: Viv Adams

E-Mail Phone 419-665-2725

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County Contacts

Ottawa County: Open

Sandusky County: Open

County Officers

All County Seats Are Open at This Time.

If you are interested in holding an Office, Please

Contact Grease

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