January 2016 Region 5 Newsletter

January 10th, 2016

Welcome to the January edition of the Region 5 newsletter.

Region 5 in 2016

Update for 2016

Following Clinton and Butler/Clermont/Hamilton counties becoming inactive in 2016, all meetings and events in Region 5 will become Region 5 meetings and events. Meetings for Clinton county and Butler/Clermont/Hamilton counties will continue to be held at the same times and locations for the time being; they will just be run as Region meetings. Following feedback from the membership, this may change or remain the same. Any changes will be posted here in the Region 5 E-Newsletter and the monthly Outspokin'. Submit your preferences to the Region Director or Region Deputy Director.

For a county to become active, it must have a coordinator and secretary. If you would like to volunteer to make a county in Region 5 active, please contact the Region Director, Region Deputy Director, or the ABATE of Ohio, Inc. state office.

Massachusetts Helmet Choice Legislation

Information from the Massachusetts Motorcycle Association

Your Massachusetts Motorcycle Association has put forth legislation asking for Motorcyclists' Right to CHOOSE whether to wear a helmet. We are not "anti-helmet", but believe that the fundamental freedoms afforded every American Citizen also should afford them the right to choose whether or not to wear one.

That legislation was heard by the Massachusetts Joint Committee on Transportation yesterday in public hearing, and 22 News has issued a news alert with a quote from State Representative Tim Whelan who agrees that adults should be able to make their own decisions. 22 News follows that article with a poll asking whether YOU agree.

A "YES" vote states that you AGREE that Massachusetts should repeal its legislation requiring motorcyclists to wear a helmet. It dot NOT mean that you can't CHOOSE to wear one.

Make your voice heard here and take the 22 News poll

While it may not sway the Legislators, a large poll turnout is information that can be leveraged to both understand public opinion and let the Legislators know we care enough about the issue to make our collective voices heard!

Region 5 Meeting Info

Locations and times for the next Region 5 meetings

Next Region 5 meeting in Clinton County is 11AM, January 10th at American Legion Post 49 in Wilmington, Ohio.

Next Region 5 meeting for Butler/Clermont/Hamilton counties is 11AM, February 7th at The Train Stop in Foster, Ohio. Meeting held outside weather permitting.