NHTSA has found that the following cues predicted impaired motorcycle operation


Excellent Cues (50% or Greater Probability)

v     Drifting during turn or curve

v     Trouble with dismount

v     Trouble with balance at a stop

v     Turning problems (unsteady, sudden corrections, late braking, etc.

v     Inattentive to surroundings

v     Inappropriate or unusual behavior (carrying or dropping object, urinating at a roadside, disorderly conduct

v     Weaving


Good Cues (30% or Greater Probability)

v     Erratic Movements while going straight

v     Operating without lights at night

v     Recklessness

v     Following too closely

v     Running stop light or turn

v     Evasion

v     Wrong way


This list is prepared by the Department of Public Safety for Law Enforcement Officers to use as a guideline to make sure that both rider and motorcycle are in compliance with the Ohio Revised Code