Board of Directors
PO Box 313
Weston, Ohio 43569

ABATE of Ohio, Inc. State Board Elections
    Nominations for half of all Positions in Offices within ABATE of Ohio, Inc. are NOW open for 2023/2024 term.   The Board of Directors positions to be filled are listed below.   The Nominations will be held open until the December 10, 2022 State Board of Directors Meeting.   At this Meeting the nominations will be closed , the vote taken and results will be announced.   Terms to commence January 1, 2023.

    Chairman of the Board (only) position will be filled by a vote of the general membership. A post card will be mailed out to all current members. Adding a nomination to this post card will close October 10. Voting will be done by ONE of the following......

  • Mailing in this Post Card, post dated December 1, 2022
  • An E-mail from A members E-mail address listed on your membership to
  • A TXT message from a listed phone number on Your membership to Ed at 1-419-937-4341.

        All Positions are Volunteer/Unpaid Positions, lasting for a two (2) year term.   Members who have been nominated and accept, must confirm their nomination with the Executive Director.     Nominations should be made in writing (no phone calls) and mailed (or E-Mailed) to:
    Ed Schetter
    State Executive Director
    ABATE of Ohio, Inc.
    PO Box 313
    Weston, Ohio 43569

  • (Y) Accepted Nomination (?) Has not responed to Nomination (N) Declined Nomination
    Chairman of the Board
    #1 (Incumbent)Mike Stock  (Y)
    Voted by the General Membership
    State Goverment Relations Director
    #1 (Incumbent)#1 Kolman Fuzy (Y)
    #2 William "Lion Man" Dodge
    #3 __________________________
    State Safety and Education Director
    # Open
    How about YOU ??
    State Newsletter Director
    How about YOU ??
    State Security Director
    #1 (Incumbent) John Shankster (Y)
    #2 ____________________________
    Products Director
    How about YOU ??
    Ohio MRF Rep.
    #1 Sherry Royer Hill (Y)
    #2 Randy Kibler (N)
    #3 _____________
    State Board Secretary
    #1 (Incumbent) Ruby Worchuck (Y)
    #2 _____________________________
    ABATE of Ohio Foundation Seat "A"
    #1 (Incumbent) Tim "T.J." Johnson (Y)
    #2 ________________________________

    Region and County elections will be handled by the Region and County Boards.
    (Check the Regional or County Page for your area.)
    Contact your State, Region or County Officers for more Information.

    " Please, think about getting involved on the County, Region or State level !!!"